Green Envy: What Pelicans fans said, 4/6

The Pelicans started Wednesday night's loss to the Celtics with their 40th different line-up of an injury-riddled season. It's become such a sad state that their fans aren't even committed to complaining. Safe-to-say those who did chime in are looking forward to the future.

Pelicans fans can't bring themselves to watch the game, or the fashion. 

Gotta be honest, I'm not even watching the game right now but I know it's on.

Didn't even know the Pelicans played tonight.

How the hell can the Pelicans ever wear these awful navy blue unis when they have those gorgeous red ones?

The fans who did watch are "Team Tank." 

Can someone find the God forsaken keys to the tank?!

What is it about Monty/Gentry doing a shitty job when the team is healthy and pulling wins out of their asses when beat to shit?

Did Benson like sell his soul to the devil for the Saints to win a Superbowl and in return all Pelicans players have like osteoporosis or something? Sounds legit.

Anger level increasing.

They are focused on Frazier -- the good, the ankle and the almost un-tanking. 

Frazier's the only reason left to even passively pay attention to this team.

Frazier is a boss, like he can be a legit PG in this league. Andddddd he's hurt.

This is just getting hilariously sad....not a single player can stay healthy. the only guy left to stand is Asik.

We should bring in Greg Oden on a 10-day contract.

Postgame, Coach Alvin Gentry doesn't hide his frustration:

Boston is to blame for New Orleans having a chance to win, not the Pelicans' toughness!?

Olynyk is a fricking retard.

Celtics trying to lose.

These better teams we've been playing look like they aren't even trying, while we have guys playing for their lives.

Pelicans almost made me mad, tryna win that game...Celtics trash for letting us hang around like that anyway LOL.

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