Green Envy: What Heat fans said, 4/13


HOLY COMEBACK!!! In one of the most impressive and timely wins of the season, the Boston Celtics overcame a 26-point deficit in order to beat the Miami Heat 98-88 in the final game of the 2015-2016 regular season. After a miserable first half, the C's held Heat to just five points in the third quarter on 10 percent shooting. As we have all learned in the past, Heat fans are just the worst, so you can imagine how upset they were after their team's second half meltdown. Lets take a look!

Top Three

1. This is such a Heat thing to do. Build a giant lead and slowly collapse (The fear starts to creep into their minds)

2. Ok wtf is going on. (Fear is starting to turn into reality)

3. I gonna crawl into bed and cry (Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd reality hits)

Top "The Celtics are in the Heat's head" Comment

As I have been saying. Heat want no part of Boston at home or on the road. Hawks are overrated as usual and we can take them in six with or without home court. End of story. It looks like Atlanta will lose anyhow so we might be in trouble.

Top Sexy Danny Ainge Comment..?

Danny friggin Ainge looks good

Top "Missing Michael Beasley" Comment

Beasley would be saving us now.....(Never thought I would type that in my life)

Top "It Ain't Over till the Fat Lady Sings" Comment

kinda funny... despite the worst quarter of Heat NON-Basketball which I think I've ever witnessed ....... Miami is still ahead !

Top "Scared Heat Fan" Comment

What happens if...
1. We lose
2. Atlanta loses

Where does Boston end up? 4th? Because right now that looks like the best end result. At least we avoid Boston in round 1. We do NOT want to be playing these guys in round 1. From what I’ve seen this year – we have a better chance against EVERYONE than we have against the Celtics. They match up better to us than every other team in the playoffs except maybe San Antonio and GS.

Top "Erik Spoelstra Shade" Comment

If Riley was coach this sht never happen.

All on spo hes so lame he should be ripping in to these players no emotion

Best of the Rest

Dear Joe Jesus Deliver us from this evil!

Man Everybody seems to be off in this second half we still have time but we have got to wake up

Deng has played so bad not one positive play on d or o in second half

There is a reason we gave up that big Lead and it wasnt all Deng so you can cut it out (THEY ARE STARTING TO TURN ON EACH OTHER)

Every single play feels like a backbreaker

3rd quarter was Heat record for least points

Why are we keep shooting 3? It’s been empty so far!

Live by the three die by the three……except we never live by the three — we just die by the three!

Just attck the rim guys yall just dont have it tonight

This team is just a lot better than us. That’s the reality. We blew them out in the first, but if you were watching – they missed a ton of easy shots and didn’t look like they were playing hard. When they’re on their game and we’re on ours – they’re better than us. This is the one team we definitely do not want to play in the postseason – I’ve been saying it for the last 2 months and I’m saying it again. They’ll sweep us in the postseason.


I am not seeing us for the moment winning this game

Looking back at this game, how huge was that 4th quarter by JJ at Detroit

Yea the Celtics are a problem. Really no excuse for giving up that big Lead all I can say is we have to get focused and get our minds right for the Playoffs. And Please lets get some good news about Bosh

So we play charlotte good celts have our#

Best possible outcome in the worst possible way

Hat tip to Boston. They really put on a show in the 2nd half. They’ve got something good going on up there.

Yea Richardson you need to hit the Gym after this game, that shot was all kinda off tonight but I know this type of performance wont happen again I have faith in you young Fella

Such a bittersweet loss

It is possible this is the worst miami heat collapse in a significant playoff-seeding game.

I don't even want to throw up a GO HEAT ! .. here ...this game was obviously quite embarrassing.

How do u score only 5 pts in a qtr 1 basket every 6 minutes thats hard to do wonder what the record is

Speechless! How do you go from +26 points up in the first half to -36 points in the 2nd half in a game you wanted to win? How do you go away from your wining game plan in the first half to being clueless in the 2nd half? So much about physical fatigue on the players, how about mental breakdown on the part of the coaching staff? On the flip side what do you think of a team that was -26 points in the first half at home and then +36 points up in the 2nd half? What exactly is the pep talk that goes on during the break, that makes a team loose the 3rd quarter perpetually? Who really is the play off ready team, a day of rest not with standing? Speechless!