Green Envy: What Bucks fans said, 4/8

On a career-high night from Tyler Zeller, scoring 26pts in 25 minutes, the Celtics broke the Bucks in the second half and took the season series 3-1. Six Celtics shot 60% or better in a more-than-convincing team win. Milwaukee's faithful have little faith in -- or patience for -- their guys.

Milwaukee's Best.
Trading Monroe for a sandwich would be the best deal this franchise has ever pulled off.

The Bucks might want to reconsider their marketing campaign.
This lady just asked me who I play for and I said the Milwaukee Bucks, she quickly replied “oh, the high school across the street?”

Finding time to notice the Celtics.
Amir has been on his ass most of this game.

Smart you flopper.

Nice flop.

We have to thank Smart's flop for getting Giannis some well needed rest.

Boston was choosing between Giannis or Kelly O. I can see the attract to Kelly O. With his long hair and headband, who wouldn't be intrigued?

The cameramen are trolling the Celtics. Seriously, how many times did the show Olynyk and right after Giannis and back to Olynyk again?

Sully is mega Greg Monroe.

Sullinger. The ultimate stretch-mark four.

Sullinger looks like he ate Dino Radja.

Zeller is looking active tonight.

When did Zeller get good?

Tyler Zeller having a game...he'll be a Buck next season (Schwartz client).

Would you guys do Monroe for Smart and salary match? Smart kinda sucks but yeah.

The coach is the star of that team. Swap coaches with the Bucks and we'd probably swap positions in the standings.

I still remember last year where some members of the Celtics board were asking what was so special about Giannis and that they didn't buy in on the hype.

The Zeller's and the Plumlee's are the Hatfield's and McCoy's of the NBA.

Watching the Celtics is weird. They don't necessarily have any players that I'd be really excited about, but they all play smart, are organized defensively, and look incredibly well coached. It's like the anti-Bucks.

They have a laundry list of guys they'd like "gone."
Ennis can't guard anything, it is safe to say that you can't expect anything useful from him in the future.

Ennis makes that terrible pass every single time he goes baseline.

This what you get for playing Ennis at point. The guy is one of the worse facilitators I have seen.

Vasquez bricked that shot so bad the Bucks should lose a point.

Vasquez needs to go, please someone tell me we can get rid of him somehow.

Hopefully Vasquez puts that University of Maryland degree to good use cause he's about to be looking for a new kind of job this summer.

Holy hell Vaughn + Vasquez is a **** disaster on both offense and defense.

Vaughn is REALLY struggling to make shots for a shooter.

Vaughn isn't going to be in the NBA very long if he doesn't lock himself in a gym this summer.

Is it possible Vaughn has the Madden curse even though he's never been on the cover of Madden and he's a basketball player?

Vasquez has to be the worst Bucks trade of all time. Yes, even worse than Tobias for Redick.

Vasquez needs to go, please someone tell me we can get rid of him somehow.

That was not dope, Inglis.

That's two airballs from five footers in a row, Inglis. Lucky you're not Vaughn, or you'd be getting killed on RealGM.

Damien Inglis. Woof.

Kidd has to see that Vasquez isn't an NBA player, right? Watching him run back on defense is just hilarious.

He obviously didn't see it before he gave away 2 picks. He has to see it now....I hope.

Kidd sees things differently than the rest of the developed world, I am certain of that.

Don't worry he is as good as gone.

Monroe you baboon make the assist play.

Monroe is pathetic

Henson has regressed to the norm. Soft as butter.

Monroe is slow as molasses.

Lmfao Monroe.

Monroe just complained to the ref that he can't jump.

Greg Monroe, ladies and gentleman.

I'm sure Monroe couldn't even stop Giannis's little brothers let alone other NBA players....

Monroe my eyes hurt man!!

Time to invest in a Monroe jersey.

Guys pls tell me that there is an easy way of getting rid of Monroe....

LOL, we finally get a stop..then Monroe bounces the rebound off his finger tips and out of bounds. **** moron who doesn't even try.

Logged in just to say Monroe is just the worst. I'll check in later

I can't wait until I never have to watch Monroe play on the same team with Giannis and Jabari.

Monroe and Parker are both such horrible defenders.

Monroe kills all the joy of this team.

Monroe should GTFO.

Monroe ruins my Bucks nights.

The next center the Bucks get better be able to run.

Henson gets pushed around so easily the refs actually assume he is flopping.

I'm not even sure he's our second string center of the future.

Henson would have to put on 25 lbs of pure muscle to ever be physical. Good luck.

Nah, he'd still be soft.

Parker's D. So bad.

Jabari and Monroe giving up dunks from the bench.

General disdain for their team.
This team is pathetic, look at Monroe and the rest, anyone besides the core suck so hard is sad to watch.

Do the Bucks know that you get three points if you shoot it behind the arc?

Giannis might need 50 for us to win this one.

If these guys stay healthy and play hard next year I believe we will be a home court playoff team.

We obviously have to have a smart offseason to be better, but if we don't fix this defense, I doubt that will even matter.

See, I don't get why Inglis doesn't get any time. Kidd obviously doesn't care how bad the young players look, Vaughn has an unlimited leash.

Let's take a poll. Would you guys rather complain about the Bucks winning tonight or the Bucks losing tonight?

Bucks need to have a JUGS machine shoot basketballs at them. They don't seem to be able to catch the ball.

Bucks have no hands.

Hopefully we lose.

Go other team.

I'm going to Tankathon to see if it's updated. I'll be hitting reset until it does.

You ever see "Making of a Murderer"?

We don't even foul other players well.

This looks like the Globetrotters vs a junior high team.

When I say Kidd is dumb. Or, Kidd is an idiot. I'm not saying it to be mean.

Someone start the Post Game.

This is the longest game ever.

Watching this is like a Chinese torture chamber.

When all else (your team) fails, blame the refs -- or the haircut.
Some of these calls are really late... like they are waiting for them to miss.

Rough call there. Smells like a hometown call.

Wait what? I don't understand how that's possibly offensive.

These refs tho...

Bull ref calls tonight seriously.

This season fell apart when Jabari cut his hair.

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