Good to see not everyone was involved in the Kobe ball washing

Whitlock sometimes says dumb things, but not today. Kobe scored 60 last night in his final NBA game (on 50 shots). While his finish to the game deserved props, this whole Kobe Bryant ball washing this season has been too much. He led the Lakers to their worst season in team history. When I hear ESPN say how he finished on top I have to laugh. No he finished at the bottom. Whereas Tim Duncan was winning an NBA championship at his age, Kobe was amassing loss after loss.

Now I try and be fair as much as possible and yes Kobe Bryant is a Hall of Fame player. Top 15 all-time player maybe. But honoring him for an entire season and then the 24 hour coverage for him the past couple days was overboard. Kobe has been overpaid and has underproduced the last few years. While KG was willing to waive his no trade clause and accept a trade to the Nets, Kobe demanded top dollar for his final pathetic seasons. It's not a surprise that the Celtics are in great shape right now and the Lakers are a mess. So yes Kobe deserved to get honored for a solid career. So do KG, Duncan, and Pierce. None of them needs 50 ceremonies though. The Lakers will be better next year with Kobe gone. That says all you need to know about Kobe.

p.s. Bill Russell won a championship in his final season. That's "going out on top" ESPN!