Celtics campaign for Jae Crowder as NBA's most improved player

On Friday afternoon the Boston Celtics released a graphic highlighting all of the areas in which Jae Crowder has improved in since last season. Crowder, in his second season with the Celtics, is averaging 6.8 more points per game and shooting almost 5% better from three this year.

The graphic, which presents a case for Crowder as the NBA's most improved player is below:

To put it simply, Jae Crowder is absolutely crushing it this year. Many Celtics fans expected Crowder to improve, but for him to average almost 7 more points per game is a pleasant surprise.

Does Crowder have a strong enough resume to be crowned the NBA's Most Improved Player? Probably not, but that's just because he's got some pretty stiff competition at the top.

The Portland Trailblazer's C.J. McCollum seems to be the front runner for the award considering he jumped from averaging 6.8 to 20.9 points per game in just a season. Yeah, scoring isn't everything, but when it comes to an award like this the NBA is going to give it to the player who improved by more than 14 points per game.

Other guys in the mix for the award are: Detroit's Andre Drummond, Denver's Will Barton and Atlanta's Kent Bazemore.

Crowder's improvement is a great sign for the Celtic's future. Not quite sure what Brad Stevens has these guys doing during practice, but it's working.