Tonight could very well be Paul Pierce's last game vs the Celtics

With the Celtics in LA facing the Clippers tonight, one has to wonder whether this will be the final time Paul Pierce will suit up to play against the Celtics. Pierce's numbers are down across the board and it's clear that father time is knocking down at his door. After every season, Pierce reevaluates himself and his decision on whether to retire or not. Via Mark Murphy of the

So here comes tomorrow night’s game against the Celtics, and Pierce wonders as much as anyone whether this will be the last time he plays his old team.

“I thought it last year,” he said. “I’m going to reevaluate it with my family and see how my body feels, see where my mind is most importantly. Get into training, getting ready for next season and, if my mind isn’t there, I’ll make a decision.

Pierce also added that his retirement decision is linked with what Kevin Garnett decides to do. Pierce explained that they both wish to retire together:

Much of his decision seems to be tied to how Kevin Garnett opts to handle his own future. The two often talked about retiring together, and Pierce admittedly will have a tough call to make if Garnett hangs up his size 15’s.

“I would definitely probably think about it,” said Pierce.

“I never know what KG is going to do, because he said he was going to retire four or five years ago,” he said. “Every year he says he’s done, and every year he keeps coming back. It would be great.”

So great, Pierce already has the celebration picked out.

“Maybe we’ll go to an island and celebrate with our families. Have a couple of Cuban cigars. I’ve never been to Cuba, but now I can go.

“But we talk. We text at least once a week,” he said. “I’ll ask him this week. The season is coming to an end.”

Avery Bradley also commented on potentially facing off against Pierce for the last time:

For Celtics fans, we really hoped that we could see Pierce retire in green but that dream has been washed out ever since he got traded to Brooklyn. If we look at his numbers, PP only averages 18 minutes a game, 5.8 PPG, 2.8 RPG, and his shooting percentage from the field (34.8%) and three point land (30.7%) are both well below his career average. Playoff time is where Pierce should really show his value to the Clippers if they need a bucket in the clutch. However, I truly think that Pierce will retire after this season. Not only are his minutes down, but the quality of play he's providing has also diminished greatly.

The Truth's shot at times this year looks very flat and it seems almost as if the mileage he's piled up on those legs of his has proven to be too much for him at this point in his career. For Cs fans, I emphasize to enjoy tonight's matchup vs the Clippers and Pierce because it most likely will be the last time we'll face-off against the Celtics Legend. As one of the greatest Celtics and players in NBA history, it'll be sad to see him go, but father time knocks on everyone's door eventually. For Pierce, in all likelihood that time has come.

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