Marcus Smart fined $15,000 for obscene gesture

Marcus Smart has been on a roll with the technical fouls lately, picking up one in each of his last two games. Now his wallet got a little lighter after the NBA reviewed his reaction to a call Friday night against the Knicks.

While a photo surfaced of Smart grabbing his manhood on twitter this afternoon, that tweet has since been deleted. Luckily, we captured it on the Internet, and don't totally know why it was taken down. Potentially because the original tweet came from a CSNNE employee whose bosses don't want their employees tweeting obscene gestures? We have no such standards here. You're welcome.

Here's a shot of what could be Marcus' hand downstairs, or may not be. But either way, Robin Lopez is asking 1,000 questions with that look.

Whatever the gesture was, it hasn't been a great week for Marcus Smart and his relationship with referees. While technical fouls happen and Smart has only gotten hit with 5 this whole year, tech's in back to back games and a fine on top of that isn't exactly a positive trend. Hopefully Smart can reign it in and make sure his hands are in appropriate places from here on out.

Photo Credit USA Today Sports John Hanish