Jae Crowder's baby mama hucks loogie on someone, gets arrested at Celtics-Clippers game

Jae Crowder is back at practice today, possibly setting himself up for his sorely needed reinsertion into the Celtics' starting lineup. It's been a slog without Crowder, and here's hoping that the Celtics can get back to sharing the basketball and playing their style of offense when Crowder returns to battle.

Speaking of battles, did you hear about Jae Crowder's baby mama?

TMZ is reporting that Dana Lambert, the mother of Crowder's daughter and alleged instagram hacker, spit on another fan at the Celtics-Clippers game and was arrested for simple battery. From TMZ:

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us Lambert got into a heated argument with another woman at Staples ... and things allegedly came to a head when Lambert channeled her inner llama and spit on the other woman.
We're told the two women involved have a long-standing beef with each other.
The other woman called for security and demanded they make a "citizen's arrest" -- which ultimately happened. Lambert was eventually taken into custody by the LAPD and booked for misdemeanor battery.
She was released early Tuesday morning after posting $20,000 bail.

Demanding a citizen's arrest of someone you have a long-standing beef with is certainly one way to escalate things. It's shocking that it actually worked.

Here's hoping Jae puts this distraction behind him and is ready to go for tomorrow night's game in Portland.

Photo Credit Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images