Isaiah Thomas wants to meet Tom Brady and learn from the GOAT

Isaiah Thomas has always been a player looking to improve his game. You don't get drafted 60th overall and become an all-star by accident. Thomas knows what it takes to get better in the gym by working on his game, but he appreciates that reaching his goal of being one of the best little guys ever takes more than extra shots after practice. Thomas puts emphasis on the mental side of being a star athlete as much as the physical.

Earlier this season, he spoke out on the four professionals he studies; Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, and Kobe Bryant. The point guard explains why here from Masslive's Jay King:

"You can only go so far when it comes to talent. When you get at this level, everybody's talented, everybody's good. But then I think for the most part, it's all mental, man. If you have the confidence to go out there every night to score 30 points, get 10 assists, and you have that opportunity, you can really do that. And I believe in myself. I believe in my abilities. And I work so hard that I think I can be one of the best players to ever play the game. And not just saying that. That's really truly what I believe."

While we aren't quite sure why he wasn't included on the original, there appears to be a new member to IT's list of greats.

Thomas spoke about the similarities he and Brady have and what he would like to gain from his conversation with TB12. Via ESPN's Chris Forsberg:

"Coming into the NFL, he wasn't supposed to be a Pro Bowler, wasn't supposed to be a franchise player, wasn't supposed to win Super Bowls and be arguably the best quarterback ever," said Thomas. "And I want to be on that path. I'm not saying I'm going to be the best player ever, but ... "

Thomas was interrupted by a follow-up question before stressing that he'd like to learn from Brady's leadership abilities.

"I just want to grow," said Thomas. "Not just being a basketball player but being a leader in all aspects, all facets of the game. And why not learn from the best? Especially, I think it's better to learn from different guys in different sports in how they lead and how they get respect from their teammates."

Who knows what type of ultimate wisdom the 4-time Superbowl winning Patriots quarterback could instill on IT. Brady doesn't seem like a guy who would turn down a request from a fellow Boston athlete either. If he were to help elevate Thomas from his recent hot stretch then there's no telling how high the 5'9" guard's game could rise. The things I would do to be a fly on the wall for that conversation...

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