Green Envy: What Suns fans said 3/26/16

Though the game was a little too close for comfort for Celtics fans, Isaiah Thomas and the crew were able to eke out a win over the lowly Suns last night. With Phoenix counting down the days until the lottery, the fans out in Arizona are in downright despair -- so lets see what they said!

Top 3:

As soon as B Knight took the lead on the airball three play, I shouted at the screen: "Give it to DBOOK!". The screen, however, did not respond to my pleas. The cold wind of that airball seemingly transcended the LCDpanel into my room, chilling me just slightly.

oh my god that knight airball sums up his entire career

Chase Budinger has such a punchable face

Best of the Rest:

Sullinger looks like a creature out of monster hunter. I don't think I could get through that armor with Sharpness +1 

Everyone should knows Olynk can hit from anywhere and he can spin to the rack too.. 

tanks, boston!

When booker shows he's the future and you still get the ping pong balls. NICE

Free the Cheer Leaders

Suns feel so proud for losing the 1976 Finals 

IT needs some of Dwight Howard's Stickum tonight. He can't hold onto the ball.

My god the Suns defense is disgraceful.

We suck! We suck! We suck! Yes, high fives to everyone.

Knight/Archie = The Trash Brothers

Booker is more clutch????????? That's all you have to say???????????? I would add that Booker probably has no problem ordering a hamburger, whereas from what I see on the court, I would expect that Knight struggles mightily with things like that.

we have 2 players on the roster with elite skills. Devin Booker’s elite shooting, and Alan Williams’ elite cheerleading. Man, he’s good.

Phoenix invited its 1976 team back -- so it could watch the Suns lose to the Celtics again..