Green Envy: What Raptors fans said (3/23/16)

It felt like a must win for the C's heading into their five game west coast road trip. It was also a statement win against a division foe who won the previous three meetings this season. Sure Kyle Lowry was a late scratch, but Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner were still up for the task to make sure Boston stayed in the win column. Even better, some great stuff from the Raptors fans tonight!

Top mind blowing comment

Scola looks like olyniks father

Top Three

The Boston Celtics pronounce celtics wrong. It's pronounced 'keltics' not 'seltics'

Boston is 4th in defense? Jealous.

Celtics are not a bad team without Crowder. I don't care what the stats say. They still have good players and they're dangerous.

Mandatory Sullinger Fat Joke. This time somewhat formed around a compliment

May want to check fatso

Much love for Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens is the real deal.

I'm scared stevens is going to pick us apart slowly without Lowry making his in game decisions, casey wont make ingame adjustments and hill blame it on val errrrrrrrrrr

If we doubled someone on bostons team stevens would have a layup every time

Feels like boston outcoached raps.

And then...

It's actually even crazier how good Brad Stevens is when you see him and remember he's only 12 years old

Again with the piped crowd noise. The Garden is LOUD!

This arena noise sounds piped in

Amir apparently didn't get the message

damn u amir ... betraying your true team to these leprachauns ... your supposed to be our secret agent helping us win

Full Slate:

Boston is Top 5 Def, Top 10 Off (9th in Off Rtg).

Always nice to beat the Heinsohn's right in Boston... The whining and crying will be heard all the way from the North Station tonight as the Raps come within 1 of winning 50.

Thomas going for 40 tonight

Sullinger traveled again. Casey should get on the refs about Sullinger shuffling his feet. And then JV got fouled by Sullinger. How did they miss that call?

The moves by Wright and Joseph were great. The pace of play is in Boston's favour, so the Raps might want to slow things down a little bit.

Both teams playing with a lot of energy, and the game has a playoff-type feel.

Sullinger cannot defend JV in the post. The Raps should just feed the big man all night.

It'd be nice to see them finish the half strong and get a bit of a lead.

Demar is absolute ballhog without lowry

Derozan looks slow tonight

isaiah thomas carries every single dribble

Eat it ET

now there is some good arena music .... the organ is the best!

god we suck without lowry

IT running by cojo to easily

IT making some ridiculous shots

Without Lowry, we are as Good as Boston without Crowder somewhat, which is still pretty good

Boston, since Crowder's injury, doesn't have the profile of a 'quality opponent' though. Their calling card is defense, and the only team they've held below 100 since Crowder went down was Philly, who still scored 96.

Lol Smart's not so smart I guess...

I hate Isaiah Thomas

Celts are such scrubs.

Not sure why Boston doubles on every possession...

Wow, joseph. Smh

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

missing k low hard

Demar better improve passing out of a double before the playoffs

Game over! This team is mediocre without Lowry

This is one of the most frustrating games to watch. Joseph can't hit anything. Not even gimmes.

Joseph and Ross were awful tonight.

Can't believe a lot of people at the beginning of the year were saying that Joseph would be the Raptors' starting PG and replace Lowry as early as this year.

It really shows that nobody should be overly confident going into the playoffs.

Well, if there's a team that we lose to and that I wanna seein the 2nd round its Boston.

we'd lose to these guys in the playoffs.

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