Green Envy: What Magic fans said, 2/21


The Boston Celtics pulled away from the Orlando Magic late and secured a 107-96 win on Monday night. The win is the team's second in a row following their four-game losing streak. Isaiah Thomas led the C's with 28 points while Avery Bradley added 22 points and nine rebounds. The fans of the Magic have been stuck with consistent mediocrity since Dwight Howard left, and their comments during the game showed that. Let's take a look at some of the best!

Top Three

1. I can feel this is gonna spiral out of control soon (So much sadness)

2. Say it with me now, "this will be the last year of the rebuild" (Your getting there)

3. 2016 has been such a disappointment. (You ain't lying)

Random Kelly Olynyk Shade

Celtics are annoying led by the most annoying player in the Association: Kelly Olynk

Top Analytics

The Celtics are solid favorites. Boston (40-30, 23-12 home) is an 8 and 1/2-point favorite, and a -420 favorite on the moneyline. Orlando (29-40, 11-23 road) is a +340 underdog, with an over/under of 217. Per, the Celtics have a pace of 101.3, with an offensive rating of 103.9 (12th) and a defensive rating of 100.7 (5th). The Magic have a pace of 97.9, with an offensive rating of 101.4 (T-25th) and s defensive rating of 104.0 (16th). The Celtics have a 36-32 record against the point spread this season, and an 18-15 record ATS at home. The Magic have a 39-29 record ATS, and a 19-14 record ATS on the road. The Magic are also 4-11 straight up this season on the second of back-to-back games. Orlando has beaten Boston 4 of their last six games, but have lost their last ten games in a row in Boston. (SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much analysis)

Top People Hate Scott Skiles

Honestly I hope we keep playing like trash, even though it hurts to watch in order to move on from Skiles at the end of the year

Top Salty Magic Fan

Man i hate Celtics

The Celtics Players think they're fouled every time they drive to the basket...As does the Celtics radio broadcast, especially with Smart. Implying the refs don’t respect him at all as if he isn’t a reckless second year player

Best of the Rest

Starters are just horrible, all but Dedmon in double-digit negative +/-

Fournier way off so far tonight.

Well, if nothing else, Jennings has given Payton the drive to not look like a complete disaster anymore. Not sure if that’s a fair price for dumping Harris

I've worn myself out last year and the start of this year questioning why Andrew doesn't get more playing time. I don’t care if it’s an old man game, it works. He just needs minutes to be productive. Starting to wonder why Skiles goes to the hook so quick on some players and leaves others out there no matter how bad they are playing.

By the way we play, reaching 30 wins will be hard

Hezonja and Skiles have been the biggest letdowns of the season. I thought they were guaranteed upgrades to Ben Gordon and Borrego. I thought wrong.

Can't wait for Vooch to come back and Elf back to 100%. I'm down for the Magic to play their young players now that playoffs are obviously out of the picture. Let the young fellas get their run.

Man I'm tired of this bs. I'm ok with losing sometimes but we didn't even play well

I can't seem to get over just how familiar this game felt..... Can't quite put my finger on it...

Is the Season over yet?

We tried and thats what matters

Well the defense shit the bed there

If next year we don't make playoffs then we need to hit the panic button. How long can they keep saying that they are a young team as an excuse?

jennings is getting massacred while playing "defense."

Nicholson never passes

Man Jennings sucks ass on defence! It's like he doesn't even care.

So we're starting to root for losses now, right?

Man 35 wins would just look real good going into next season. I just don't see us winning 6

We gotta let the young fellas run now. If we're really tanking then Vooch will be shut down for the rest of the season.

Let those losses build up. If you weren't convinced we should tank after the west coast trip, now it should be unopposed. 4 years of this shit. )This pretty much sums up the fancies mindset)

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