Green Envy: What Knicks fans said 3/4/16

A pitched battle between the Celtics and Knicks looked to be sown up with four minutes left, as New York had opened up an eight point lead over a C's squad struggling to generate offense outside the heroic of Isaiah Thomas. However, a display of hustle that may be unmatched in the NBA this season allowed the Celtics to win every 50/50 ball and get out on the break for easy buckets to cut the lead before an Avery Bradley drive gave the C's the lead for good. Having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, here is what Knicks fans said during last night's game...

Top Three 

I thought I had given up on this season, but I want to beat the Celtics and their smart little coach and their genius little GM with all his fucking draft picks.
I predict the great Coach Rambis Will play Melo 47 mins, Jose 46 mins, KP 8 mins, and Grant 30 ….. Secs
Sullinger is wearing Male Spanx

Best of the Rest
Melo, try not to make 1000 mph pass for your teammate. 50 mph will be enough.
Marcus "Future Hall of Famer" Smart is only shooting 36%? color me shocked
Its almost like playing our starting C more then 19 minutes might benefit us in a game
Heinson legit likes melo But it’s a bit backhanded when he always says "terrific OFFENSIVE player"
Isaiah Curry?
Wait wait wait Clyde called them a cry baby crowd lmaooooooo.
Fuckin Tyler Zeller is gonna be the one that beats us?
Add Evan Turner to my list of punchable faces.
God hates all of us
Rambis' final play as told by Rambis. "Everybody is going run around waiving their hands as distractions. Melo is going to catch the ball near half court take two steps forward and try to sink the game winning three."
who dafuq knew
But it’s a bit backhanded when he always says "terrific OFFENSIVE player"
When I said Porzingis would only play 3 minutes in the second half I was joking WHAT THE FUCK Kurt.
Why does Melo think he can create a shot starting 30 feet from the basket? He is an absolute dog. Most meaningless 30 point scorer ever in this league.
The Knicks this season are like a destructive relationship You keep coming back even though you know you’re going to end up hurt and the sex isn’t even that good