Green Envy: What 76ers fans said, 3/20


The Boston Celtics got a much needed win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night. The win snapped a four-game losing streak for the C's and, hopefully, got them back on track heading into the stretch run of the season. Isaiah Thomas scored over 20 points for the ninth straight game and Amir Johnson had his best game as a Celtics. The C's treated this game like a must win after some underwhelming performances against playoff playoff teams last week. The Philadelphia fans were understandably frustrated with their team, but after so much losing over the past few years, they seemed ready for it. Lets take a look at some of their comments!

Top Three Comments

1. Does anyone else find it HILARIOUS watching the opponents' subreddit have an existential crisis whenever the Sixers keep the game close late in 4th quarter? "we suck" "How are we losing to the worst team in the league?" "FML, we are losing to the Sixers" "Are we tanking? I know the Sixers are, but are we?" (Life as a 76ers fan)

2. I swear we have made a deal with the other team. Let us stay close and you can pull away with 2 minutes remaining

3. My girlfriend and I are watching the new Pee Wee movie because I can’t convince of her of the import of a mid-March Sixers game. (Good lord..)

Random Tyler Zeller Hate

Yes I may be a fan of UNC but Tyler Zeller just pisses me off so much. (I just don't get it)

Obligatory "Fat Sully" Comment

How many pounds does Sullinger actually weigh?

Top "Sad Brett Brown" Comment

Haha imagine being Brett Brown having to coach this roster and get blown out every night has to be embarrassing

Top Sassy 76ers fan

I'm Flummoxed.... How are we losing w/ No Okafor??? Since Jahlil Okafor was clearly the cause of the Sixers Single Digit Win Season….. & WTF It let’s just say it was Okafor’s fault for all the losing the seasons before this was one too….. So how are we losing???? I am lost……

Best of the Rest

I try to figure out what our players have in their mind, but really I can't. Some decisions are so silly that neither a 4th grader will take them.

Longer games than they have ever played before, longer season than they’ve played before, would anyone be surprised if these guys are looking forward to the season ending even more than we are?

Bench Noel please.

I dunno guys, Buddy Hield is looking pretty good (Priorities)

Hey remember that time these sixers almost beat the warriors?

Why doesn’t Ish ever dish when it comes to the expiring clock play?

Noel for Hield straight up – do you make that trade

How the hell is it possible that this shit happens every time? Two fucking seconds and you allow the open three. I would die on the floor rather than allowing this.

Not going to get myself excited, the stinkin Celtics own us know how to coach against us, no chance. Now when Joel the giant and gangsta Dario get here it's a different story

Why do we look like a bunch of kids in front of grown men?

LOL….I’m speechless about our start, glad I am not alone here. Must be our naps b4 the game and at halftime?

If you take out the 8 straight minutes when the sixers missed every shot then it hasn’t been bad.

When you have Noel and Grant on the floor at the same time its like 3 on 5 on offense.

When we just start hoisting up contested THREES we give the game away….gotta figure out our slow starts? at home we should come out smoking. (I don't think the 76ers have ever come out smoking..)

Why doesn’t Ish ever dish when it comes to the expiring clock play?

Man sonny weems is going to be that guy everyone forgets on the sporcle quiz

A lot of our die hards could not bare to watch us play against the stinkin Celtics.

With Landry and Brand in the game they cut the lead. With Noel and Grant in the game the lead grows.

I’d love to see the old timers pull out a win for the team. Let em ball! Clearly Noel and grant still have a lot to learn

Definitely disappointing. I still say it’s mostly mental, a lack of spirit. To many good flashes last year to think he can’t turn around. These guys packed it in post ASB I can’t really blame them. Paid millions or not there is something to be said for being in a winning environment. Is this what a loosing culture looks like? (YES)

More and more it looks like someone is getting traded very soon. Next seasons deadline at the latest. I’d guess draft though.

With Noel and Grant in the game the ball dies at the top of the key.

Here that? Eight straight losses against the stinkin Celts, Moses Malone is rolling over in his grave, Bless his heart.

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