Bill Simmons is on board with CelticsLife's Kevin Durant and Al Horford combo to Boston

CelticsLife columnist MattDotRich pitched the idea of the Celtics landing both Kevin Durant and Al Horford this Summer last month. We also discussed it on our last CelticsLife Live show last month. If you are waiting for Bill Simmons to ever give credit to another blogger, you will be waiting most likely forever. Simmons did though discuss the Durant/Horford combo landing in Boston this Summer on his podcast yesterday. His buddy House didn't think it has any chance, but he's a nobody. And while it's a long shot at best, it's still fun to hear the idea gain some traction.

You can listen to Simmons thoughts on Durant to Boston starting at the 16:20 mark. Simmons also declares that Isaiah Thomas has turned himself into a top 20 NBA player, as he's transformed into Tiny Archibald in Bill's words.