Are the Celtics and Reggie Evans a good mix?

When asked last week about adding a player to their open roster spot, Celtics' Head Coach Brad Stevens had this to say:

So when you think about someone who has skills that Stevens wants the name that certainly doesn't come to mind is Reggie Evans. But as Lloyd Christmas says in Dumb and Dumber "so you're telling me there's a chance?"

This according to Basketball Insiders:

If I'm the Celtics I am staying as far away as possible from Evans. They're are far better options out there that can, you know, shoot.

Evans, in his 13-year career, has hit exactly one three-pointer. Okay on only 11 total attempts but still. His game would not mix with the Celts coach who is at his best when his offense is spreading the floor with knock down shooters. There's also the fact that the 35-year-old has a career mark of 53 percent from the charity stripe.

Evans, who played last year in Sacramento, would have been a perfect addition to the Kevin Garnett Era Celtics, but the modern day Celtics are built nothing like those contending teams.

On the bright side, if for some reason the C's do take a chance on a guy who is averaging 7.1 rebounds per game in his career while playing for seven NBA teams, Evans and Marcus Smart should get along just fine.

Photo Credit Matt Slocum/AP

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