Woj 'can't imagine a scenario' where Celtics trade Nets pick because player they'd want 'isn't out there'

Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski spoke with CSNNE at All-Star Weekend in Toronto.  Woj, the unofficial guru of all NBA rumors, said he doesn't believe Danny Ainge will deal Brooklyn's first-round draft pick before the trade deadline on Thursday:

The Brooklyn pick has tremendous value. I can't imagine a scenario where the Celtics trade that. If they do trade that it's got to be for a really elite, star-level player. I don’t think that player is out there available for them. 
They don't want to overreach and give away these assets. They're looking for that Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen deal that they did to put the previous champion together. Those deals probably aren't out there for them.

A few other things of note Wojnarowksi mentioned about the Celtics:

- He said the C's have been very active in pursuing trades, but also that they have "exceeded expectations" and "didn't expect to win at the rate they are."  Because of this they have hard decisions to make--shaking things up is a lot easier to do when you're not playing well.

- Woj called the Isaiah Thomas trade a season ago "one of the great value deals of the last couple years."

- He also referred to Ainge as "the gambler" and said he's "never afraid to do deals."

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