Video: Isaiah Thomas speaks after losing in skills competition finals (with highlights and commentary)

Isaiah Thomas threw a perfect pass every time, but he couldn't hit the last three-pointer he needed to win the skills challenge.  Highlights below:

Two things jump out at me:

1. Did you notice that Karl-Anthony Towns missed all three of his pass attempts in the first round?  It's silly the rules don't have them keep trying until they make it.

2. I wish Isaiah had been in a bit more of a hurry to jack up threes at the end.  He only got off two before Towns connected on his fourth.

Here's what Isaiah had to say afterwards, most notably how disappointed he was to lose to a big man:

From Marc D'Amico of, Thomas also suggested that in the future the contestants should compete in opposite directions so they're not shooting on the same basket at the same time--that's likely what cost Isaiah the title.

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