If Isaiah Thomas needs a new nickname, what do you suggest?

There’s been renewed conversation regarding Isaiah Thomas’ nickname and the need for an upgrade. One attempt at a new alias is The I.T. Guy. Personally, I feel like we can do better.

For those of us not living-in-the-limelight, nicknames are often relative to our looks. I’ve had my share: Wilma, Carrot Top, Ginger. Yup, life as a redhead can earn you many terms of endearment and yes, I believe they all came from a place of love. Don’t go bursting my bubble. In the world of professional sports – however -- nicknames are frequently meant to highlight the talents of the athlete in question. For example, just a handful of the NBA player pet names: Paul Pierce | The Truth, Kevin Garnett | The Big Ticket, Pete Maravich | Pistol Pete, Kobe Bryant | Black Mamba, Amare Stoudemire | Stat, Dennis Rodman | The Worm and Karl Malone | The Mailman.

Until now, we’ve mostly known Thomas as Pizza Guy from his time in Sacramento and an affiliation with a local pizza joint, Pizza Guys. The double entendre worked – he delivers on the court -- but it does feel outdated now that he’s a) no longer a spokesperson for their pizza and b) not playing in California.

With that said, IT fans – including Brian Scalabrine -- have voiced their opinion on a new nickname for the 2016 All Star guard in green.

Part of me likes Mighty Mouse. Actually, it might even be a frontrunner in my book. Turns out it was previously a label for former NBA player and 3-point aficionado Damon Stoudamire (1995-2008) but he’s retired so…it could be fair game, a passing of the torch (or in this case, tattoo)? Fun fact: The Celtics considered Stoudamire for a post-buyout signing in ’08. In the end, Boston turned their attention to Sam Cassell.

Here are two additional suggestions for a fresh take on Isaiah’s moniker. Do any of these resonate with you for our #4?

The Hitmaker. Works for obvious reasons regarding his game and he often quotes musicians’ lyrics to express himself – aka hits. Plus, when he gets on a roll out on the floor, the hits just keep on coming.

The Conductor. Isaiah’s role as point guard includes directing the Celtics’ offense. His ability to create plays for himself and his teammates is at the center of his skill set. Queue his pass to Jae Crowder against the Bucks last week.

Do you have thoughts on a perfect alias? Comment with your ideas for an Isaiah nickname -- one you think would inevitably stick. And more importantly, one you think he’d like. This is assuming he wants a new nickname and for us to suggest one. Hi, Isaiah.

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Photo credits: Elise Amendola/AP and tattoo22.com