If Danny Ainge trades the Brooklyn pick, it won't be for an aging superstar

Last week, Danny Ainge went on WEEI and discussed the possibility of dealing Brooklyn's first-round draft choice this year.  For the most part, Ainge said exactly what you'd expect him to--that's he not looking to move the pick, but would at the right price.  As Jay King of Mass Live pointed out, one specific quote from Ainge is worth noting:

It would have to be, certainly, a very good player. And also it probably wouldn't be someone in their 30s. That would have to be a good young player because again, even if we had a 5 percent or a 10 percent or a 15 percent chance at one of the top picks in the draft, that's worth keeping.

The 30-year-old mark is a key point of interest.  Dwight Howard is 30.  Carmelo Anthony is 31.  Al Horford is about to turn 30 this summer.

But, less important than the specific names is the philosophy this implies.  Danny is thinking long term.  He's not interested in trying to become an elite team this year or next if it jeopardizes the club's future down the road.  It's smart business.

Which would you rather have: A 3-4 year window of contention that begins now, or a 6-8 year run that may still be a few seasons away?

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