Green Envy- What Kings Fans said 2/7

The Celtics started off this Super Bowl Sunday on fire, with 46 points in the first quarter. The Kings made things interesting but in the end, the C's pulled away and George Karl's job remains in limbo for Sacramento.


Please stahp, celtics... stahp

It's sad because we're more of a laughing stock than the NBA teams with a worse record than us.

Man Jared Sullinger looks fat. Still faster than Cousins


Play for pride or a lay down and get George fired day? oh! The drama!

Karl sucks. He will be a rich fuck

Does Karl make it to the end of the game?


We will lose. 110-88 Happy Super Bowl Day!

For some reason I'll still be watching the game today

I predict after this game is done I'm just going to be more upset at Pete D'Alessandro.

James Anderson is starting instead of Casspi. Karl wants to get fired

You are telling me that an opposing team's SG is going off on us? That’s crazy talk!

I'm not a genius but doesn’t a switching defense require fast defenders?

If you added up the distance between Kings defenders and 3 point shooters who make their shot this year, it could circle the globe.

So, they practised yesterday ? practise how NOT to play defense ?

Oh great, Boogie is going to get ejected in the first quarter.

No matter what happens this game will be a win-win.

Man Jared Sullinger looks fat.

Still faster than Cousins

He's like the Eddie Lacy of the NBA

Looks like I'll be able to take pre-Super Bowl nap

Imagine that - Isaiah Thomas is a fan favorite in Boston.

Oh, dear. This could be a 40 point qtr.

You mean 50 point right?

I have stuck with this team through thick and thin, and will continue to do so. But wow, they make it hard sometimes...

OH BOY! I woke up for this... going back to bed until this team decides to give some effort... sigh.

It's 10:30, get up you loser

I guess the players just REALLY want Karl to get fired ASAP.

I turned the game off as soon as Boston had over 30 points in the first Qtr and DMC got another TF...Going to play Minecraft instead… more productive

These players wanted their coach to be fired Smh.

Just unfollowed the Kings on twitter Can’t stand when they post happy crap right now lol.

Celtics on pace for 184 points. Let’s stick with this defensive philosophy. It’s just a matter of time before it starts working really well.

My thirteen year-old son just said, "They're not Kings. They're peasants." I can’t disagree.

It's clear that this team has quite on their coach. Honestly, I don’t care if the players hate Karl or not. Quitting on a coach at any point is just a disgrace from the players. The fans deserve better.

"A while back" = "November" Karl has spent most of the season with his butt glued to the bench, "delegating" to his assistants during games and showing the passion/commitment of a frozen fish. Small wonder the team has never "bought in" to his so-called system… Karl never bought in to them. He coaches this team with such apathy that it’s a wonder the team didn’t implode by Thanksgiving. I know it’s been considered taboo to question Karl’s energy level and commitment, but look, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a damn duck! All this nonsense about "delegating" and whatnot is bullcrap. He "delegates" because he just does not have the fire he needs to do the job right anymore. That said, I definitely don’t blame ONLY Karl for this team’s ineptitude. This is a systematic failure of team leadership, from Karl to Boogie to Rondo to the late Pete D to Vivek. (I mostly exempt Vlade for now, because on paper his off-season moves made the team significantly better, which is all a GM can be expected to do. That may change as well going forward; we’ll see.) Blow it all up and start from zero, and DO IT RIGHT this time.

I'm here for halftime. Oh, that's the first qtr score.

I give up, gonna play video games instead. There's more defense there.

theses switches are RIDICULOUS If I had a nickel for every time Casspi and Collison left a guy wide open I’d be rich

Absolutely no game plan

I'm not even watching and I feel insulted on a personal level.

Haha this me too. I'm not watching, just reading the comments. The thread is more entertaining than the game.

Can we just, like, have a Twitter shitstorm at Vivek?

Ooooh, I hate the Kings.

Sullinger is abusing Boogie. Superstar!

Yes Demarcus keep arguing and get yourself thrown out

It makes me sick that IT is not wearing a Kings jersey

He was so much fun to watch when he was a Kings. Painful to see him on another team.

I do believe we are watching the Kings become the laughingstock of the NBA. And, no, this is not hyperbole.

It's sad because we're more of a laughing stock than the NBA teams with a worse record than us.

Clicking pens and awkward silence yep, it’s Kings halftime with Bobby Jackson.

Cuz 3 for 10 with 5 turnovers, right on schedule. fire Karl

He has held Sullinger to 8-9 from the field though.

Sacramento kings - where history happens (nearby)

What the hell is going on? I haven’t seen any of the game, why are we getting blown out so easily. There is something wrong. Karl needs to go.

Oh man So pumped for the second half!

This game would be a lot of fun if I was a Celtics fan.

Boogie shooting 00-7? DMC with a license to kill your Kings fandom?

So it looks like I'll miss the last few games of the month traveling. Anything to get away from these bastards.

I have a Paris trip coming up in May. I wish it was coming up sooner so I could get away from this too.

I figure Canada's just far enough away that I'll be safe from this team. Have fun in Paris.

This is scripted It will be a chapter in his autobiography. Isaiah Thomas: In Spite of the Sacramento Kings

Oh look - the spirited comeback

to turn off the television before the 13-0 run starts

Rondo's defense is some of the worst I've ever seen

Well, it is Karl's fault for making DC guard 2's and playing Marco way to many minutes.

Rudy and Ben both out Being traded as Karl fired? Multi-team deal?

Solid defense that quarter (WHAT?)

Boston might have the worst commentators in the NBA

Amazing that D Lee getting the Caron Butler treatment by Coach Stevens

Wide open three. Where have I seen that before?

Rondo with another terrible pass

What the fuck was that Rondo?

The real Omri Casspi stood up and he’s not as awesome as we raised him up to be

Two years ago, we'd have been laughed at proposing an IT/Rondo trade. Two years later, we’d get laughed at too.

Rondo's bball card picture should have him chasing behind his man

Here we go! Miracle in The Garden! oops, Dagger by IT.

Anybody doubt IT would throw daggers?

Well, we didn't get blown out. We were never going to win this one. A single digit loss it the best we could hope for

That Thomas guy is pretty good eh?

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