Green Envy: What Jazz fans said, 2/29


That's 11 wins in a row now at the TD Garden! The Celtics, after trailing for 75 percent of the game, locked down on the defensive end and hit some timely fourth quarter shots to pull off the 100-95 comeback win over the Utah Jazz. Avery Bradley made the defensive play of the game with his rejection of Gordon Hayward's potential go-ahead jumper and then knocked down three free-throws to put the game away. If the Miami Heat fans from Saturday were salty and aggressive, the Jazz fans sad and almost naive. Their comments were optimistic to start, and then the doubt slowly started to creep in. Let's take a look!

Top Three

1. New plan: expect a loss every time, never watch the games, check score the next morning, be happy if a win randomly shows up.

2. On the plus side, my FanDuel is looking HOT.

3. I want all new players and a new coach. I want to love this team SO BAD but they keep killing me over and over with this late game crap. Finding a way to lose no matter what!

Top Utah Mentality

Fuck us.

This team will be the death of me yet - so frustrating

Top Back-and-Forth

"These are the worst Jazz."

"It's not the Jazz' fault if they have to play 5 on 8"

"It's the Jazz' fault that they suck at basketball."

Most Random Celtics Question

Didn't the Celtics logo used to have orange hair?

Best of the Rest

Wow, just wow, I hate iso ball so much

Christ on a cracker.

Lol, we suck so bad.

Why do we have to post up ?

Man, we dominated them last time we won 78 years ago.

Starters other than mack 18/57, ouch, wow just awful

I'm in the mood for some Jazz happy happy joy joy. (So much optimism early)

So weak ...f u refs

The Jazz are going to murder my nerves.


Why is Hayward trying to dribble against 3 guys, why do we go possession after possessiion without hood getting a touch?

I need this win in my life.

Well, at least we're getting all the fouls.

That was bad

Buckle up, another close game

Where was the defense on that one.

I'm really starting to dislike Zeller. (Out of all the Celtics, why Zeller?)

Lyles is really, really bad defensively, as in worse than horrible, he learned boxing out from booker, too

Ugly sequence there, too many isolation possessions right now for the jazz

Put a fork in us. We're done.

Ref #15 is a Celtics fan.

We gonna lose.

Another failed fast break - i think i prefer when we are in the half court

The way the BOS crowd is reacting to this shove in Gobert's back foul gives me hope. Maybe our crowd isn’t the worst bunch of hopeless homers in the NBA

Zeller is a flopper (More Zeller hate)

Man Ingles has been bad

So does Zeller just get to run over Ingles and clear him out? What’s up with that?

Crowder poser

Freaking ref #15 is going to be the death of us. He’s definitely a Celtic’s fan. If you notice, every single bad call against us, and every touch foul is called by him. He doesn’t make any of these calls against the other team.

YES!!! WE WIN!!!!! oh, wait. it's only halftime. (Jazz fans are so cute)

Boston broadcasters said Burks out for the year something i missed? They are ignorant fools pay them no mind

Depressing 2 point lead

That brief burst of optimism I felt for this game, felt great while it lasted

We aren't missing Book tonight. We're missing all of our point blank shots anyways.

Celts are like grrrrr – Brooklyn. (How dare you compare the Celtics to the Nets)

Wait, the score looks good! I'm.....confused?

Lyles' defense is just pathetic sometimes. Dare I say Kanterian?

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