Green Envy: What Heat fans said, 2/27


The Celtics were able to bounce back from a sluggish start to their matinee game against the Miami Heat with a 101-89 win. After the starting unit came out and dug the team into a hole, the bench, led by Evan Turner and Marcus Smart, rallied the team for most of the game. The win marked the team's 10th straight win in the TD Garden and gives them a two-game lead over the Heat for the third spot in the Eastern Conference. As you may imagine, Miami fans were none too pleased about a loss to a long-time rival. Apparently the Celtics don't have many fans down in South Beach. Lets take a look!

Top Three:

1. Fuck the Celtics and their scrap-ball shit. You're only supposed to have 1 dude who plays like that.
I guess people don't like the C's style of play

2. Fuck this game. Fuck the Celtics. Fuck Gerald Green. Pray to fucking god we actually get Joe Johnson.
Poor Heat fans, so angry and misguided

3. I'm gonna wake up 4am to watch this game. If we lose I'll drink a beer instead of a coffee.

Top educated, well thought out comment

Huge game today folks. After losing to the Warriors we're going up against a very deep, very well coached Celtics squad. Though we've had a few days of rest we're going to need to keep the momentum we've had going for us. This is our most important game in our 6 first games back from All-Star break. Let's get it. Let's go.

Top "It's what everyone was thinking" comment

Gerald Green STOP SHOOTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Boston haters

God damn I hate Boston sports fans

People from Boston are seriously the worst.

Cant stand em

you cant STAHHHHND them

Top Creeper

Alright this will sound fan-obsessed/stupid as hell but Wade was posting shit on Twitter at 12:30AM last night.
I was kinda worried he would play like shit on an afternoon start. (Yikes..)

Top "Do you even lift bro?"

got a post-game jog on the schedule. get the frustration out or ride the wave, either way it'll be a good one.

Post-game workout for me. Get your fitness on Heat bros.

Top Nickname


Top Salty Miami Fan

Salty comment: Boston's team is one that's easy to root for if you're a Celtics fan. But it's also going no-where fast in terms of real winning (ala would get shit on by Cleveland, Toronto) They play NBA-ball like you play in the gym when you're far less-talented than everyone around you. Yet when 8-12 guys can do it on a whole team, they can do a bit of winning just cause of shit like steals, charges, easy buckets.

Top "Life of a Miami Fan"

Sigh. I hate Boston. And Indiana, and New York, and Chicago. Fuck Cleveland.
Can't argue with you on that last one..

Top "Real Recognize Real" comment

Impressive D coming out of Boston too. Damn.

Defense, scrapping, hustle points. They're a better version of us.

Best of the Rest:

Months ago, this game would have been a grind. But the team look like they're having fun out there. These fouls and charges are saving Boston.

We have ZERO 3's at half time. Joe Johnson can't get here fast enough and he's gonna have the green light to take 8-10 3 pointers a game.

So we're still winning 49-46. But I forgot how annoying as fuck it is to play Boston.

I'm all for blocking someone out with your body when the ball's going out, but Jerebko had his arm extended on Green.. Should be a foul

It's halftime and it's sunny out and I'm sober and it's weird.

Amare's fucking behind the backboard trying to go up with it

Wait, we're allowed to make 3 pointers?

I really don't wanna lose to these fucking assholes

Fucking pathetic loss

One three made the entire game...

We better sign Marcus Thorton I cant watch anymore games with this offense, feel like throwing shit at my TV


like we have 3 less wins than the fucking Celtics whos best player is shorter than a lot of people in this sub
like how

So when I think of the Celtics now, I think steals up the wazoo and a shit ton of well shot mid-rangers.
Other than that no worries *twitches*

Fuck I'm forced to watch this game with the god awful hot garbage pure shit Boston announcers

All these games feel like heavyweight fights lately. Also Boston's players wear the most awkward numbers.

Fuck Marcus Smart.

Rondo, Garnett and Pierce are all gone from this team but I still hate them more than any other.

Green has always been a streaky scorer but this is beyond streaky, this is god awful. even when he attacked the rim from the left corner, instead of banking off the glass he tried to clutch it sideways... whyyy?

Side note: why in the fuck are we interested in andre miller, that man is so dusty and wont help from 3 or in pushing the pace (random Andre Miller burn)

That's the game. Good job fucking it like always Miami. Cut Green.

Hate losing to the Celtics, literally bunch of scrappy scrubs

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