Green Envy: What Denver fans said - 2/21/2016

The Celtics rebounded from their Friday night loss to the Jazz with a convincing 20-pt win over the Nuggets in Denver, Sunday night. Nuggets fans were pretty complacent when it came to throwing insults at the C’s. Far larger concerns were top of mind like firing their coach, tanking efforts and a lack of shooting ability.

Lame fat jokes. 
Sullinger built like a growler of Shocktop.

Their coach is obviously responsible.
#FireMalone #HireLukeWalton

Medical analogy to illustrate the state of their team.
Watching this game is like having a colonoscopy.

Sullinger tries to "beef his way in."
Sullinger looks like he ate Felton.
Sullinger is really fat.
AIR BALL from the all
Fire Brad Stevens!

Malone is clueless.
I blame Malone WTF.
Malone Fire Malone, tho.
Malone reasons
We are tanking.
Tank is on!!!
Wait, isn’t it a little late for tanking?
Yeah full on tank engaged.
Tankar: MODE ON.

Man we don't in have shooters in position to get shots after drives.
We need ****ing shooting.
I can shoot better than this team.
Put the damn ball into the basket!!!
We might not get to 40 by half.
I’d settle for a F’ing offense that makes any sense at all and some rotations that don’t look like they came out of a Bingo letter call device. It’s awful.
What a great way to encourage fans to see this team.
How does not one member of this team know how to set a pick.
We must hate our fans.
Nobody should show up to watch this team man.
There is a difference between being a young team and a sh*tty team.

Can’t even give our fans something to cheer about.
We really suck at basketball.
Why would anyone PAY to watch this horsesh*t?
The fact that we can't play an entire game for our fans is disheartening.
The team is bad, and young.
Why is our defense so bad?
Lol Augustin playing to get a contract from ANOTHER team...
We’re bad at everything.
These are one of those games that just make you question everything about the "upside" of the nuggets.
What a disgusting performance.
Not true, although I can't say, since it seems like my internet picked the perfect quarter during which to go down.
I’m watching for free and I feel robbed.
I've never seen this many screening fouls.
That ref must have made a bet with someone to see how many he could give out.
Why are there 4 players in the paint?
Are we daring them to miss?
It’s like they forgot how to play over the all star break.
Well this is already over.
What the heck are we doing offensively?
Screen, move, and PASS THE BALL!
We look completely discombobulated.
Nuggets are really one of the dumbest teams in the league. Christ.
Lol another STUPID play. Dumbasses.
We all about effort.

A final note and glimmer of hope for Nuggets fans?
At least we didn’t give up 70 at halftime today.

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