ESPN Insider trade value rank: Isaiah Thomas higher than Blake Griffin, Jae Crowder above Kevin Love

"Seriously bro, is that crazy or what?"

Kevin Pelton of ESPN Insider took it upon himself to rank the top 50 players in the NBA based on their trade values.  He used a formula that combines statistical performances with contracts and potential future earnings.

To no surprise Stephen Curry tops the list, but not just because he's the game's best player--Pelton also suggests that Curry is worth far more than a max contract, even though he's making only $11.4 million this year.

LeBron James checks in at No. 7, while Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis is a surprising No. 9, just before James Harden (10), John Wall (11) and DeMarcus Cousins (12).

Isaiah Thomas (who still has two years left on his deal at less than $6.5 mil per season) leads all Celtics at No. 24, one spot ahead of Blake Griffin (25).

Jae Crowder (with four years at about $7 mil each remaining on his contract) lands at No. 32, just behind LaMarcus Aldridge (31) and two places in front of Kevin Love (34).

In theory (or fantasy land), this should put two potential big deals on the table for Boston: Isaiah to the Clippers straight up for Griffin, or Crowder to the Cavs for Love.

Marcus Smart also cracks the top 50 at No. 37.  He's above Lakers rookie point guard D'Angelo Russell (40), as well as possible C's targets Al Horford (43) and Danilo Gallinari (45).

Don't expect Danny Ainge to part with Smart for any of those three.

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