Did Al Horford approach Isaiah Thomas to ask about playing in Boston?

According to Marc D'Amico of Celtics.com, Isaiah Thomas, who is really well-liked around the NBA, was approached by another player at the all-star game and asked about what it was like to play for the Celtics. The implication being that this unidentified player was interested in coming to Boston:

Who could this be? Well, here is a list of every NBA all-star either involved in realistic trade rumors or approaching free agency this summer:

Al Horford
DeMar DeRozan
Kevin Durant
DeMarcus Cousins

Kevin Durant does not seem the type to approach another player about this sort of thing and even if he were, there has never been a report suggesting he would consider leaving Oklahoma City for Boston. As for Cousins, the Kings do not seem interested in entertaining any trade offers for him given the need to sell the opening of their new arena, as well as the fact they really want to make a playoff push this year. Furthermore, DeRozan is reportedly interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, which makes sense considering he is from California and played college ball at USC.

Therefore, my guess is the unidentified player who approached Isaiah Thomas was Al Horford, who we now know wants to join the Celtics and that may gain him some admirers in Boston. In fact, according to Sherrod Blakely of Comcast Sportsnet, he was asked if it was Horford:

Photo Credit: Dina Rudick/Boston Globe Staff

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