David Lee's time in Boston rumored to be coming to an end

With David Lee out of the rotation, it didn't take much to connect the dots and for fans to realize he was on the block. Today, some reported buzz instead of just a hypothesis:

It's probably not a coincidence that this report comes simultaneously with Dwight Howard to Celtics rumors. With the Celtics' horde of draft picks likely to be the centerpiece of any deal they make, it helps to have David Lee's expiring contract on hand to help make the numbers work.

David Lee has recently been praised by coaches for his professionalism. The way the Celtics treat Lee in this situation is only going to help bolster their reputation league-wide. A buy-out would signal doing right by David Lee. His pro-rated salary late in the year is unlikely to make much of a difference in roster construction for this year's Celtics team, but would allow him to take his talents elsewhere. Their relationship with a veteran like Lee clearly matters to them with the way they've handled the veteran's playing time.

Photo Credit AP/Mary Schwalm