Celtics at the deadline: Is no trade the right trade?

The Celtics are 32-23, in third place in the East.  They've won 10 of their last 12 games overall, and eight straight at home.  Boston hasn't lost by double digits in over two months, a claim no other team in the league can make.  Things are clearly going well for the C's right now as they appear to just be hitting their stride.

Check out this recent quote from Brad Stevens (via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg):

I trust our front office to make the right recommendations and the right calls to help our team. I think it would have to be something unique to continue to help our team. I think that we've got a lot of future flexibility and, at the same time, we've got a hard-playing group of guys. … There's a lot of room to improve with the group that's in there. My focus will be on that.

Translation?  "I like my guys, please don't mess with them."

Here's more from Jae Crowder (via Adam Himmeslbach of the Boston Globe):

Guys in the locker room, we're sticking together and we're fighting. I think guys top to bottom, from the 15th man on the bench to the first, we just stick together and we all come to work each and every day. And we stick up for one another.

And Isaiah Thomas:

Maybe there's something to be said for keeping the family together?  Danny Ainge went to Ohio yesterday to watch Evan Turner's number get retired in Columbus.  That speaks volumes about how tight-nit this club is.

What if this theory is the right one?

Consider this: Is there a potential trade on the table now (which will no longer be an option this summer) that could be a key step to bringing the next championship to Boston?  My gut tells me no.  If there is, Danny should definitely go for it, but as Woj said, that deal probably isn't out there.  Waiting might be the right move.  Everything Ainge has done throughout the rebuilding process to this point has show patience, why rush into something now when there could be many new opportunities just a few months away?

In the meantime, we can just sit back and enjoy this earlier-than-expected season of good basketball.

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