Video: Boston Celtics players critique Kelly Olynyk's man bun

A couple days ago, we were presented with some compelling statistics regarding Kelly Olynyk's man bun and his propensity to play better in home games when wearing his hair up as opposed to the flowing locks.

Today, a video was released where Olynyk's teammates were asked to give the man bun a thumbs up or a thumbs down. All but one player gave it a positive review.

Jared Sullinger originally gave the man bun a thumbs down, but then recanted and gave it a "half way," reasoning that "if he wears it with that coat, I can understand the swag on that one. He got it from Gigi (Datome)."

If you recognize the music in the background of the video, it's because it is George Michael's "Careless Whisper," seen frequently on NBA kiss cams.

Video courtesy of Tomasz Kordylewski on YouTube.