Marcus Smart's first triple-double is one for the record books

Before yesterday, Marcus Smart's career-best assist total was 9, for rebounds it was 10.  Last night he set new career highs for both.

With the help of his teammates (who he admitted were boxing out for him), Smart grabbed a flurry of rebounds down the stretch to finish the game with 10 points, 11 assists and 11 boards.  Not only was it his first NBA triple-double, it was also his first double-double.

Smart became the 10th Celtics player in the last 30 years to record a triple-double.  Some of those names are obvious, others might surprise you:

None of the other nine guys managed to do it off the bench, however.  In fact, it'd been more than 45 years since a Celtics reserve pulled off the feat:

Smart's age is also noteworthy.  At 21 years and 315 days old, he's the youngest player in the league to post a triple-double this season (Elfrid Payton did it last year at 21 years and 24 days).  Smart is also the youngest Celtic to get a triple-double since Antoine Walker logged the third of his career in 1998 at 21 years and 173 days old.

The combination of Smart's young age and reserve status makes his triple-double particularly unique:

There's a decent chance Smart is the youngest reserve in NBA history to put up a triple-double.

Photo via @Celtics on Twitter

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