Kelly Olynyk with man bun > Kelly Olynyk with free flowing locks

With all due respect to Marcus Smart and Jared Sullinger's curious decision to go with the same dyed mohawk look and James Young's recent trip down cornrow lane, Kelly Olynyk's nightly decision on how to dress his lettuce is the story of the year hair-wise for the Celtics. More specifically: to man bun or not to man bun. With all the advanced stats we get in 2016, nowhere could we find a definitive stat to prove what we all knew to be true: Kelly Olynyk is way better with the man bun. Until now.

Yes, that's only home games. And yes, I could look over tape from all the away games, match up the box scores, and give you a more comprehensive comparison. But I'm not going to do that.

I've got the only answer I need. Long live the man bun.

Photo Credit NBAE/Getty Images Kent Smith