Green Envy: What Wizards fans said 1/16/16

Despite some horrendous officiating down the stretch, the Celtics secured a 2 point victory off of a last second layup from Brad Stevens *cough* I mean Jae Crowder. Some Wizards fans agreed with how bad the calls were, which made it that much tougher of a loss. Here is what some of their fans had to say.

Top Three:

If I was a Celtics fan I probably would be at the Verizon Center, attempting to physically destroy the stadium.

After all this hard work...I bet they hit a buzzer beater haha. Probably IT too.


Play of the Game:

I mean obviously...

The full slate:

They almost quite literally fouled that game away to us. Tough to lose on that last second bucket, but not as crushing as it otherwise would have been.

I hate boston

These refs are saving our asses

Celtics are a very well coached team and we just can't beat them for whatever reason. Very frustrating.

Wizards doing well considering Celtics always have our number! Thought we'd be hurting a lot more without Beal

Lets take it to them in the 2nd half.


Damn one of the best games of Wall's career wasted

I'm somewhere between feeling bad and angry


I might have heart failure by the time this game is done

that really wasn't a foul...


the 4th quarter of fouls!

They have no one to foul to miss free throws. I dislike this.

I am so damn tired of Thomas and his free throws.

Doesn't really matter who we foul haha, they are all shooting like 90%.

Come on John...

weak minded Celtics

Was Thomas not out of bounds? Legitimately don't know but I'd like another look

We kill ourselves this game. Can't get rebounds.

We aren't out of this game yet, but if we lose, its on Neal and Randy.

Randy's blowing it with these fourth quarter lineups

Surprised they didn't call a foul for Isaiah there

Of course Neal takes that garbage shot.