Green Envy- What Sixers fans said 1/24

Well I hope that helped all Patriots fans drowning their sorrows after the tough loss in Denver today. The Celts win was impressive in the fact that they got to Philadelphia earlier today and still smoked the helpless Sixers.

Top Three:

but these celtics are a 50 win team bill simmons said so!

DLeague is more entertaining than this.

Shitty half, God I hate losing to the Celtics

Play of the Game (tough game for Jahlil Okafor. Although 5-of-10 from the field is not horrible. But then again, these are Sixers fans)

Probably worst career game yet for Okafor.

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They just watched their Patriots lose because of a missed extra point, now they get to see their basketball team hit "a new low" after losing to the Sixers.
be sure to remind all boston fans you know that there are 29 other teams that have gone longer without a super bowl win than the pats

At least they have Ben Simmons to look forward to Thanks Brooklyn!

this is a good test to see if brown can get us the loss

Sullinger is a fat ass

wow i thought we would wait before we threw the game

Oh the good defense we played...And this is 3/5 a defensive lineup. 15-5. we led by 3 at one point. gosh darn Sixers

losing to the Cs and also losing to brooklyn maximizes all of our future picks and also fuck boston right?

Who loses by more: the Sixers or the Cardinals?

I swear I’m a better FT shooter than half of the Sixers

I want Jae Crowder

these announcers are throwing some serious shade at ish right now

trying for a record in subs

he cant deal with 340 pound sullinger

Get the fuck off the court, Canaan!

Well that may be the most Sixers possession ever

This defense is trash

If TJ was 10 inches taller he’s be Ben Simmons

Sixers have a case of the S L O W S.

Defensive rotation really sucks

it always sucks bro…

Ish is garbage today. And, please, Covington, you don’t have an NBA dribble. You’re too upright and lazy on the dribble.

ike the Celtics are a high school team taking warm up jumpers… Defense being played.

JokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJokeJoke. They play like crap. Like 1-30 Sixers…

Does it matter at this point?

One of players who care to try hard tonight

Side of backboard and airball for us, while they drain 8 of 12

I’m out

Tommy Heinson……just annoys me

jah to nerlens THE SCHISM IS HEALED

What is this lineup, Brett?

I paid for League Pass to watch this?

Only the Sixers Nik off the side of the backboard then Cov air balls

I feel like I waited forever to watch the Sixers play and this is what I get?

Man the Lynam’s are brutal. I can’t believe they are so bad and made it on air. They are so bad that I switched to the away Boston feed…and their commentators are legendary bad…but they are better than the Lynam’s. It was almost disrespectful to allow them on the air. ok rant over

hey everybody you’re missing kendall marshall not even try to get balls going out of bounds

has anyone else noticed that the NBC live app is not showing that same one damn supercuts commercial tonight?

The White Mamba is just ripping Kendall Marshall.

nik stauskas! evan turner! kendal marshall! one of the zellers! it’s like some sort of real life mike levin nightmare

So bad

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