Green Envy: What Pacers fans said, 1/13

The Boston Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers 103-94 to move back over .500 on the year at 20-19. The Celts snapped their 4-game losing streak and while both teams looked sloppy at times, the Cs buckled down on and put on a tremendous display of perimeter defense to close the game out in the fourth quarter. Pacers fans were very unhappy with their teams performance and even labeled their team as the "biggest choke artists in the NBA". Let's take a look at some of their thoughts.

Top Three:

1. Why am I always surprised about how wide Sullinger's ass is when I see him? That donk is like a bulldozer.

2. This choking away games has to be some sort of weird reverse karma for Reggie Miller.

3. I need DJ Khaled to come in the middle of this game to yell ANOTHER ONE after all these steals right now.

Superlative: Most Upset Pacer fan of the night

Thomas has more heart than the whole pacers team... another collapse Unbelievable. We.Are.An.Embarassment. Kill me, and goodnight.

Best of the Rest:

It’s already a win for me. I was expecting my LP feed to use Boston’s TV broadcasters and getting myself ready for a ton of Tommy Heinsohn. Got Breen and Hubie instead. Thank goodness

Boston will choke this one away later. Pacers got them where they want them.

This is not good basketball on both sides, gotta say

I just realized this is a game between two choke artists.

Pacers letting themselves get beat by two players. One who's a 5 foot 3 midget and another that has dreads like Whoopi Goldberg. Pretty Awesome

Brad Stevens stopped wearing ties now.

CJ’s trade value must be really low right now. This dude is taking shots from the moon

Winning Time. My money is on Thomas, unfortunately.

God please let this next play be a steal too. I want this to be an epic breakdown.


Literally every other team in the NBA is more clutch than the Pacers. Every. Team.

Taking a break from the pacers for a while. It's not fun anymore. All I can think about is the players we could have had on this team. Kawhi, draymond, Isaiah. Instead we have this.

Shame our herpes always flares up just before we are about to score.

Is there a stupider group of athletes anywhere else in the world?

Heard of lob city? well, we are choke city.

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