Green Envy: What Nuggets Fans Said 1.27.16

The Celtics defeated the Denver Nuggets 111-103, their 4th win in a row. It marked the 10th straight game with 100+ points and 4th straight game forcing 20+ turnovers. Fantastic. Nuggets fans weren't thrilled with the results, but actually were complimentary about the Celtics at some points. They spent a lot of time complaining about the refs with little to no wit, so I didn't include any of those comments... but it was amusing to see another team complain about the Celtics getting all the calls.

Best Analysis

We're playing like we went to the movies pregame, and had a tub of buttered popcorn each, then didn't wash our hands

Best Bulletin Board Material for Jared Sullinger

Guy #1: They just zoomed in on sullinger. He has to be 300 pounds
Guy #2: That wasn't a zoom, that was gravity

Guy #3: Sullinger looks fat
Guy#4: He is

Jokic got hit by a whole lot of sullinger and now he's hurt...

Sullinger would be so much better if he wasn't so fat.

Best Complimentary Banter

Not to excuse this absolute abombination but the C’s play really good defense

They are how I wish the Nuggets would play no one on their team is really great but they play as a team.

Exactly I really like this C’s team.

I hope Malone can get this team to play similar to them

Least Popular Nugget

Hopefully only more 20 days of Foye.

Can we leave foye in boston?

Foye and miller wouldn't make a d league roster if they just tried out right now

Full Slate

Did Hanzlick just say we need some extra virgin Gallo?

Jae just thefted that, yo

No foul call? WTF? Mudiay got trucked


holy crap thomas is fast

Jokic trying too hard.

Lol, Mudiay

Avery Bradley is who I want Garry to become

sullinger bullying Jokic

Not saying fat Nurkic would help on the glass but he would help....

Bradley is just torching right now and Emmanuel need to spend a lot of the off season on handles.

That was a sweet, weird-looking euro-step layup.

It's easy to lead the league in turnovers when the other team just throws the ball to you, I guess

Our pnr D is about as pathetic as it possibly could be.

So many fucking turnovers

Olynyk looks like he escaped from a DnD convention

Whoever is on Olynyk is getting their ass kicked according to the box score

"you called a reach in? We’ve been reaching in all night" Isaiah thomas

Also, Don't leave Bradley, Mudiay

Looking more and more like Mudiay sucks on defense

I think I've seen enough tonight