Boston starts off 2016 like it ended 2015: losing to a bad team. Nets win 100-97

Ugly is an understatement for this game. Boston played poorly, Jared Sullinger almost got ejected, Jarrett Jack suffered what looked like a bad leg injury and Avery Bradley only played 11 minutes after injuring his hip. The Celtics had a couple late runs, but they weren't enough as the Nets won 100-97.

After the Celtics lost to the atrocious Lakers, one would think Boston would come out swinging to avoid losing to another bottom-of-the-barrel team. That was not the case for the first three quarters.

For Boston, Isaiah Thomas had 24 points and six assists, Jae Crowder had 16 points and seven rebounds and Marcus Smart saw his minutes increase to 24, scored 11 points and brought some of his patented defensive toughness.

For Brooklyn, Brook Lopez had 30 points and 13 rebounds, Thaddeus Young had 16 points and 10 rebounds and Joe Johnson scored 20 points. Side note: If Lopez didn't have those foot issues, he would be a perfect fit in Boston. Incredibly talented and fills a need. But bigs that get foot injuries are something to avoid.

Boston will go to Brooklyn Monday to finish off the home-and-home series. Hopefully they will play a bit more inspired basketball. If not, they will lose the season series 3-1.

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