Celtics three point shooting has not been pretty in their last 5 games

We just gotta start hitting our threes!
The Celtics have lost four of their last five games. Those losses include one each to the lowly Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers, and one at home to the Detroit Pistons that they were in control of and let get away. Also, the only win the C's snuck in was against those aforementioned lowly Brooklyn Nets. While it's not panic time for this young and upcoming team, it certainly has been a tough string of games to watch.

During these 5 games it's obvious the Celtics haven't been doing a lot of the things they do when playing winning basketball. They've been flat and the defense has been down, but the offense has been absolutely awful. They haven't been able to knock down any shots, and they are shooting just 23% from three point range during this slump.

7-27 vs. Lakers
7-32 vs. Nets
6-21 @ Nets
6-28 vs. Pistons
5-25 @ Bulls

On the season the Celtics are shooting 32% from three, which puts them at 26th in the league this year. We know teams are all about pace, threes, and layups in the NBA now, but when the wrong personnel starts chucking threes it can get UGLY when those shots aren't falling.

The shooting will correct itself and improve, but there certainly will be more clunkers. This is part of this team growing however, and part of an overall philosophy. This roster will not have the same personnel for the next 5 years (or perhaps even the rest of the season), but Brad Stevens and his philosophy will remain. Part of turning around a ship is being able to deal with the waves. As the great Jackie Moon once said, "We just gotta start hitting our threes."

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