Celtics debating outdoor game at Fenway Park

Less than a week after the Boston Bruins hit the ice in Foxborough at Gillette Stadium, the Boston Celtics are considering their own outdoors match-up. As opposed to making the trek out to Foxborough, though, the C's want to take the Green line to Fenway Park according to ESPN.com.

The conversations started years ago between Celtics president Rich Gotham and Red Sox president Sam Kennedy but nothing ever materialized. Now, just after the Bruins' success (in attendance, not play) in the Patriots home stadium, the other TD Garden team is restarting discussions about a game at a different Boston venue.

The only problem? Basketball season takes place mostly during the winter, in a city where an outdoor basketball game would not necessarily thrive from November to March. Then, the months when it could work, October or April, the Red Sox could need their own home field. So weather and conflicting schedules will make the Fenway game incredibly tough to plan.

Regardless, Gotham is excited as he told the Boston Globe:
I've gotten into it. I really like the idea... I think if you can find a way to sort of differentiate the game and make it fun for fans, that's a great thing.
And it would bring a completely new atmosphere to a Celtics game. It's fair to assume many C's fans are also at least casual Sox fans and would appreciate a game in the historic Fenway Park.

The game might be years away from actually happening, but maybe someday we will see green jerseys playing in the shadow of the Green Monster.

Topher Lane is on Twitter, @Topher_L. He is constantly refreshing ticketmaster in hopes of seeing these tickets listed any minute now. Photo credit: Joe Robbins, Michael Ivins/Getty Images.