Celtics campaigning for Kelly Olynyk to compete in Three-Point Contest #KellyFor3

During Monday's blowout win over the Washington Wizards, the Celtics official Twitter account followed a Kelly Olynyk 3-pointer with this tweet:

It does make a lot of sense. Kelly Olynyk now ranks 6th the in NBA at 43.9% from beyond the arc, only trailing Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard, JJ Redick, Jared Dudley, and Omri Casspi. The statistics alone should be able to get him in, but the location should secure it for the Canadian. When asked about his interest in the contest, Olynyk seemed intrigued. From ESPN's Chris Forsberg:

"That'd be fun," Olynyk said, "especially in Canada."

While it's always cool to see a Celtic competing during All-Star Weekend, it's more impressive to see what Kelly has been able to do during games that matter this season. He has improved dramatically from last year's 34.9%. When asked about the increase, Olynyk had this to say. Via Forsberg:

"I don’t know. They’re going in," Olynyk said. "Confidence, definitely confidence and finding that. I was getting on a roll, putting the time in, obviously. After a couple years you know where shots are coming, where they’re not coming. You figure out what’s a good shot, what’s not, when you’re open, when you can get your shots off and keep being aggressive."

Keep doing what your doing Kelly because whatever it is, it's working!

And before you go and scoff at a seven footer entering the 3-point contest, always remember this...(And maybe skip to the 4th rack)

Photo Credit: @Celtics Twitter Account

Video Credit: Ryan Van Dusen

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