Avery Bradley reportedly 'unhappy' with current deal

Well this isn't good.  

Ok... potentially not good.  In reporting on Avery Bradley's recent change in representation, The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn mentioned that Boston's longest tenured Celtic isn't happy with the $32 million deal he signed in 2014.

Bradley recently parted ways with Mitchell Butler, the agent who helped him secure his current deal, to sign with Rob Pelinka, whose clients include James Harden, Eric Gordon, and Kobe Bryant.

...Now Bradley is apparently unhappy with his contract, especially after seeing players such as Milwaukee's Khris Middleton (five years, $70 million), Utah's Gordon Hayward (four years, $61 million), and Cleveland's Tristan Thompson (five years, $82 million) cash in with lucrative extenstions, making Bradley's deal appear to be a bargain with the new television money increasing the salary cap this summer.  

It's hard to blame Bradley for wanting more money.  Since he signed his deal, he's watched many of his peers sign much more significant deals for carrying the same amount of weight he does on their respective clubs.

 For the production the Celtics are getting from Bradley, calling his contract a bargain is an understatement considering how Avery's game has evolved and his leadership on the team has been a steadying force in a very uncertain time for the Celtics.

On the other hand, you get the contract you earn until that point, and prior to signing his four-year extension, Bradley had never played more than 64 games in a season.

Depending on who you ask, who you read, or what game you watch, the value of AB is always in flux.  At this point in the Celtics rebuild when there is a logjam at almost every position, hearing that a player-- especially one of Avery Bradley's caliber-- may potentially be unhappy with his current situation, brings thoughts of market value and potential trades.  For a player of Bradley's talents, the Celtics could most certainly field some interesting trade offers but if that potential move would get the Celtics closer to the top spot in the eastern conference in 2016 is debatable.

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Photo Source: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images