Rajon Rondo wants a female reporter to make him tacos + other funny stuff from Mexico

There was a bit of a Super Bowl media day type of environment surrounding the Celtics and Kings in Mexico City yesterday:

This led to a variety of unusual and comical interactions between the players and the press:

Here's a video of Rondo's interview via the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn, with the taco conversation coming after the three-minute mark (breakdown to follow):

One, great move by the woman to get his attention with her microphone (2:04).  Two, an excellent lead-in question (3:10): "Have you taste tacos?"  And three, nicely done by Rondo to follow up/flip the script with "Do you make tacos?"

"Y'all mind if I have a one-on-one?"

The look he gives Washburn (3:40) and the "What's up Gary?' at the end are also pretty spectacular.

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