No moral victories for Celtics after tough 2OT loss to Warriors

After basking in the national spotlight in the lead up to their matchup with the undefeated Golden State Warriors last night, the Celtics took the defending champs to their limit in a double-onetime thriller, albeit in a loss. In the aftermath of their battle with the Warriors, it would be easy to assume that the up-and-coming C's would be able to take some positive things away from the game. But that wasn't the case in the locker room:

Frankly, I love this mindset. Maybe over the past few season, when the Celtics were deep in the rebuilding process, they could have taken some pride in the fact that they tested the best team in the league. But now, when the Celtics are making a move up the ranks in the Eastern Conference, this group is looking to win. It is no longer a confidence boost when you test a quality team and then lose at the end of the day.

Going into this highly anticipated matchup, the Celtics truly believed that they had a chance to win. And when the game was finished, players like Jae Crowder weren't happy that they kept it close, they were disappointed that they could't finish it off:

Moving forward, the C's need to continue to have this mindset if they want to take the next step. The best teams hate to lose, no matter how great of a game it was and how much of a fight they put up. While this group will be able to take away some smaller positives that they can use in the future, playing well against a top-tier team should no longer be good enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I thought the Celtics played one of their best games of the year last night. I just think that their "No loss is a good loss" mentality is something that shows they are ready to become a team to be reckoned with.

Photo Credit: Charles Krupa/AP Photo
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