LeBron James says his eventual book will have chapter on Celtics

According to Masslive.com's Jay King, after LeBron James and the Cavaliers finished dismantling the Celtics last night, he acknowledged that the Celtics helped shape his career, and would certainly have a chapter in his book someday.
"I have to continue to say it: At one point when I write my book, they will have a chapter," James said Tuesday after topping the Celtics, 89-77. "Paul, Ray, 'Do, Perk, KG -- for what they did for my career."

First of all, the book is going to be called "The Chosen One" obviously. There's no way that it isn't? Ok. Second of all, that quote is beautiful. It simultaneously shows the respect he has for those Celtics teams and the fact that he toppled them, considers them vanquished, and that he ultimately got the last word.

I would love to read that chapter, specifically in hopes that he goes beyond vague description and potentially details some of the long whispered about trash talk that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett spewed at him over those years.
"Oh my God," Bass said. "I heard KG say some crazy things to LeBron. It helped us and hurt us, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, you definitely can't repeat some of those things.

Apparently some of that trash talk was as rude as it gets. Most likely we will learn none of it, but one can dream. Those battles with LeBron over the years were some of the most intense basketball this generation of Celtics fans have ever witnessed, and that alone would be fun to have any light shed upon.

Those Celtics were his version of Michael Jordan's Pistons, the team that swatted him away time and time again until he toppled them and cracked through into his NBA Championship. Like those Pistons, the Celtics fought like hell not to relinquish their crown, and it was indeed a symbolic passing of the torch when he finally bested them, whether they (or we) wanted to believe it or not.

LeBron has averaged more points against the Celtics than any other team in his career. Boston was the site of one of his greatest victories of all time, and one of the greatest dissapointments of his career as well. They were also the singular opponent that caused him to jump him to the Heat, changing his career forever.

It's been a great rivalry over the years. I'll never forgive you Ray Allen.

Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

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