Green Envy: What Pelicans fans said, 12/7


After losing a hard-fought game against the San Antonio Spurs this past Saturday, the Celtics came out and handled their business against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night. The C's took advantage of the Pelicans' lack-luster defense and came away with an 111-93 victory. As you would imagine, New Orleans fans were not too thrilled with their team's effort, especially on the defensive end. Let's take a look at some of their best comments!

Top Three:

1. The Pelicans couldn't even defend a team of grandmas at this point. Never seen a team like this who lets all of these slow players run to the the basket for easy layups without even playing any defense. And don't get me started with the transition D...

2. Hot... Cold.. Hot.. Cold..We're going to get fucking pneumonia.

3. Thomas getting in our ass..No one can see that little fucker..

Best of the rest

I'm going play Battlefront. Thanks Pelicans

Screw this. This team has no fire to them at all. Pair that with garbage defense and call it an eye sore.

Meh start

Whats up with us? We just look totally uninterested

Frustrating to watch for sure. There's no hustle or fire out there.

2 points in final 4 minutes...

Chooooo we are chilling hard on offense

Ryno flying tonight (I think this is referring to Ryan Anderson? Who knows)

Fucking charge, are you kidding me?

Ajinca >>>> Asik

Did Ish molest someone and they not tell anyone?


Finally getting Ish in, Maybe he's still on after being sat for years.

(There is SO much love for Ish Smith in New Orleans)

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