Green Envy: What Knicks fans said, 12/27

The Celtics knocked off the Knicks 100-91 in Boston last night.  Here's my summary of New York fan's thoughts during the game:

1. They like Kristaps Porzingis.
2. They really do not like Jose Calderon (to the point that some were even clamoring for D-Leaguer Jimmer Fredette and/or recent Sixers castoff Tony Wroten to be their point guard), and are not particularly enamored with head coach Derek Fisher either.
3. As usual, opposing fans are infuriated by Tommy Heinsohn.

Below are the message board highlights:

It seems like the last win was long ago. We need to take this one. KP will dominate inside.

I Thomas is going to have a field day of open looks vs Jose . Let's hope he has a off night.

WHY is Sasha in the game ?

Now showing ...our D league bench

Fisher rotations are truly cringe worthy. I was so impressed up until 2 and half minutes left in the Q. Then Fish went to one of those nutty rotations. It's real simple, against all these better than .500 teams you can not play Sasha or Grant. Has to be a 3 man rotation at SG/PG with Calderon/Afflalo/Galloway.

gotta love our 2nd string Center shooting 3's and not hitting the rim on a hook shot

That running hook by Oquinn was a designed the defense.

We easily have the dumbest players in the entire league.

I've died and gone to hell. The only TV feed is the Celtics broadcast. If you listen to Tommy Heinsohn, no foul call on the Celtics is ever a good one and the Celtics are incapable of committing a foul.

It's unbearable!!! Worst broadcasters EVER!

why KP still on bench ?

Has Jose contributed one iota

God the one player I wish wasn't a knick... Jose no defense Calderon... I really hope a team has a Injury riddled pg situation and are forced to trade for him

Melo passed....i cant believe it

Man when Jose shot isn't falling he's useless

The last play you just saw is the perfect reason why we are a horrendous team. Jose can never keep his man in front of him, as a result, he forces everyone else to be out of position

"You gotta remember the refs will bail him out." Heinsohn on the (clear I might add) foul against Anthony.

It's funny but we need just a decent, league avg level of play from the guard spot. It's so bad that AVERAGE would seem like All Star level. LOL!!! IT'S THAT BAD!!!

Jose should not be allowed to carry the team.towels!

Kp scores so easily when he uses his length inside-- right now everything else is a struggle. Bring in Kevin mchale

Who so ever who think this team is not poorly coached, I want you to pay close attention to the second half. Boston is going to make one adjustment to shut down Carmelo, and Fisher will make none to get the ball out of Isiah's hands

crowder is making melo look so damn stupid

all we do is post up all our players and hope

boston is doing what they Have to do, taking advantage of our bad play

With apologies to John McKay, if somebody asked me what I think of Calderon's execution, I'd have to say "I'm all for it."

melo getting schooled by crowder again

Heinsohn won't stop whining about the two fouls on Olynyk.

We could add one piece to this team and we'd be so much better and that's a real PG. If had a R.Rondo or a M.Conley or a B.Jennings or i could name a bunch of PG's but the point is that's all we need to make us such a better team. I think Phil will put all of his focus and effort towards finding one at the deadline as long as he doesn't have to give up too much or he needs to do it in the off season.

And just like that they piss away a chance to come back! SMH!

Missed three wide open shot in a row and the Celtics turn those misses into a nine point lead. Another winnable game becomes a "L."

all this talk about john wall should be an all star...... how come isiah thomas is not in the conversation?

Fisher is drawing up the 9 pt play right now.

The Jose for Chandler trade was a terrible trade. The fact that we took on an extra year of Jose's contract and got nothing back for Tyson in return--a former Defensive Player of the Year--is embarrassing. No way to spin that trade. Time for Phil to accept it and for us to cut our losses.

I'd take tony wroten right about now too

Yay. Keep the streaks going. I hate Fisher.



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