Green Envy: What Kings fans said- 12/3/15

You can't stop the Mexican Celtics you can only hope to contain them. Late Thursday night the C's strolled into another country and treated the Kings to a beat down. The green won 114-97 and it wasn't even really that close. As always it was nice to see old friend Rajon Rondo, until he was ejected in the third quarter, after some staring and arguing (mostly staring) with referee Bill Kennedy. To say the loss was frustrating for fans of the Kings would be an understatement:

Top Three:

Nice fucking effort tonight. I give more of a shit about Kim Kardashian’s whale blubber ass implants than the Kings gave about this game. Pathetic.

Cousins is literally running the floor like the sad fat kid in PE class runs the mile.

Brad Stevens is playing chess right now. And the Kings are playing Candyland.

Play of the Game: The Rondo ejection

LOL Rondo ejected

As I said earlier today. Rondo can’t help it that he was born with a pissed-off-looking resting face.

But when does Rondo ever not look pissed off? Only when he cracks the rare smile.

He sought him out for the purpose of a stare-down. My guess is he wanted out

Rondo escaped the high altitude

Bill Kennedy is on Joey Crawford level of shitty officiating

rondo didn't want to be a part of sluggishness of his teammates good move

Rondo pulled a Rasheed Wallace

As I said earlier today. Rondo can’t help it that he was born with a pissed-off-looking resting face.

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My "Home" feed on league pass are some random guys. I think NBA tv people. If I go to the "visitors" feed its the Boston people though..

Clock never started. This game will never end.

Good lord, Gay has no lateral quickness

Limited Spanglish here.

Why the fuck did you try to help there, Ben


FUCK YOU, McLemore.

call fucking something refs shit. guys are getting tackled out there

This whole fucking let's play at other countries shit. Is dumb

Karl needs more than a time out. call the game due to altitude after the first quarter

You try running up and down at 7000 feet above sea level.See how great you are at it.

Obviously its because Isaiah is at a lower elevation then all of our players, right?

Do you know which superstar vivek brought with him to Mexico? Selena Gomez?

Celtics running Operation Fast and Furious. Letting their guns walk into Mexico.

Acy with a doucey....drink!

Man we look like shit so far

Olynyk's sporting the manbun these days?


What the fuck was that? Someone please explain. That was a terrible first quarter.

That was the worst fucking quarter of the year, that's what that was

Kings playing like they don't want to be playing

Down 15 after 1 qtr? FUCK

Did the Celtics get into town two nights early perhaps? They do seem better prepared for this somehow.

Game over We suck,Big Time 7:35PM

Down 17.Brick

I wish we played in Mexico City in the preseason, then this game wouldn't matter.

Oh my burrtio. We stink……weak ass….

Did everybody eat what Omri ate?

They ate tacos.The Celtics ate kale.

Karl stop trolling us with these 3 guard rotation

Next year the NBA is scheduling a game at One of the Everest base camps.

The apocalypse looks better than this game.I’ll be playing Fallout 4.

Can the Kings find a flight back to the states at halftime? This seems like the best idea

My sister who doesn't know much about basketball said this game is making her eyes bleed.this is how awful we are playing

Too much tequila?

At least they're not throwing cups of piss at us yet.

Some say we have no chance …they’re right.

Mexico is like, please don't send any more NBA games, no los queremos

Kings are literally playing like they're drunk

Kings are seriously turning me into an alcoholic

Okay I guess my attention would be better spent on the dishes right now.

fck this game im out

Cartels got money on the Celtics

Let's go Kings. I am sticking around till the bitter end. Still plenty of time for comeback…Just need some of that Curry 20+ point quarter magic. It is in the genes, right?

freakin celtic feed..."sacramento is playing like it’s a charity game…. yuk, yuk, yuk"

Curry doing good impersonation of Steph. Except making the basket part.

Welp...that was probably the worst game of the season so far.

Was dreaming about having won big money in lottery. Alarm of my phone rang. Checked the game score (95-73at the time). You know when it’s gonna be a bad day.

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