Green Envy: What Hornets fans said, 12/23


Despite a field goal drought that last over seven minutes in the second quarter, the Celtics were able to pick up their shooting and get a 102-89 win over the Charlotte Hornets tonight. The C's had five players score in double figures and Kelly Olynyk broke the Internet with his thunderous put-back dunk in the their quarter. The Hornets made a run in the fourth to cut the once 20-point lead to single digits, but Boston converted down the stretch and came away with an important win over an Eastern Conference foe. After some early optimism, Charlotte fans quickly started to turn on their team. Let's look at some of their comments!

Top Three:

1. Alrighty. Fuck this game. I'm out. Merry Christmas everybody.
2. "Chokeslam" With the Undetaker played by David Lee
3. Everything is wrong.

All the rest:

Buzz Buzz! Let's get a win! (This enthusiasm quickly vanished)

Lin with the headband

These past few games have been incredibly hard to watch. There's no energy, no (off)ball movement, no dribble penetration. We can't rely on our jumpshot when we're this inconsistent.

Thank god for Frank Kaminsky, at least one person has energy

Way to miss 2 wide open 3's PJ

I'm getting angrier with each shot he misses

Lin with the sweet stroke. Good sign for tonight.

Batum and Lin are playing well at least.

This is exactly why i would not want lin to start. He rarely gets touches with Batum and Walker.

AND 1 KAMINSKY. I'm really liking his play recently.

If this keeps up I'm turning this off and pouring myself a glass of bourbon and enjoying Christmastime.

Frank the motherfucking Tank

fuck it I want al back

Ugh this team is still obviously cold as fuck.

Hawes has been looking weak af. In other news, Kaminsky's got amazing moves.

Can't keep letting them get offensive rebounds

If we lose here I think it's officially safe to say our early season success was a fluke. At home against an equally matched conference opponent, one we gotta win. We can't keep dropping games like this. Cold streaks don't last this long.

These turnovers are fucking aggravating. The slow start is aggravating. We are looking like the 2014-15 Hornets right now.

This team just has no energy or effort, even at home. It's impossible to come back or win close games like this. It feels like we're down 20 and have already lost.

Frank is my god

Lol this game is hopeless. I love when we drop an important game against a conference rival at home. This team is slumping so hard I can't help but start to look forward to the lottery with the way the east is looking now.

Fuck this game.

Ugh Walker pisses me off. I wish he'd chill out and not turn it over as much.

Spencer Hawes is a dumb nut

We need to dump Hawes once Al gets back. Lamb can't play defense. We need more players.

Lets just imagine we're tanking and it'll all be ok

Don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up, don't get you hopes up.... Dammit

Why did we take lin off the floor?

Does Kemba turn it over a lot or is it just me

Lamb and Lin have six combined turnovers too. Woof.

I just wanna see Lin and K-man play pls

We're a fraud and we're getting exposed, rip season

Why does it feel like our chances of winning are like .01% when we're down only 12.

I'm too sober for this

I started drinking during the 3rd. We started playing better. I guess the solution is to drink more?

So how long is Eric Collins going to be the commentator? Did he sign a deal or is this like a year by year thing? I appreciate his enthusiasm but sometimes he tends to ramble, and we get it Nick is French.

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