Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 12/9/15

The Celtics entered the 4th tied with the Bulls 75-75, but took an early advantage and lead for most of the quarter. The Bulls, or should I say the Jimmy's, didn't go quietly though. Jimmy Butler finished with 36 points and really carried the team throughout the night, but none more so than in the final minutes, scoring 17 in the final 6:07. Bulls fans seemed to take notice he is their MVP.


Help us Jimmy-Wan Kenobi you're our only hope

Jimmy Vs Celtics

If Jimmy ever gets injured I'm gonna kms

Highlight of the Night

Bulls fans were a tad salty

God dont let turner go off I beg of you

DRose just gonna let Turner style on him like that huh?

I'm not salty but that was an underwhelming 360

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Why dont we ever have Derrick and Jimmy in a pick and roll

Points in the paint, 32-16 in favor of the Celtics.

Anybody watching the ESPN broadcast? They're advocating paying Thibs 2mil to be an "offensive coordinator". These guys are not good commentators.

Pau why would throw a cross court pass to Niko when Rose was wide open at the top of the key??

Niko just jacks shit up

Gibson gonna score 48 points, 68 rebounds, and 77 assists

Derricks so invisible right now..

I can't believe a starter for the ASG last year is getting his ass handed to him by sullinger

Christ Rose even walks like it's a struggle for him


We're getting blown out.

Time to pull Derrick. If he's not gonna show up, I'd rather put Kirk in to run the offense.

lol we suck

Remember when the Bulls had a lead in the 4th? I like to dwell on the past.

At this rate, if this team keeps doing this over and over over the rest of the season... Then, maybe we deserve to end up in the lottery.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.


Jimmy please

Can we trade Nikola Mirotic? I am 100% serious. He has lost us entire games.

Another stupid turnover by mirotic in the strech COME ON

Fire everyone.

8th seed!!!! Woooooooo!!!!

Thibs come back bby pls

Can anyone explain why Sullinger walked off the shot like he Curry'd the game?

Turner with another Jordan to Kerr pass :( :(

Remember that times when we used to be good? And get wins? Yeah, good times.

We don't deserve Jimmy

Derrick ??? Where are you now that I need you...

8 different players scored in double figures tonight for Boston.

We're not getting out of the 2nd round with games like all of these.

Chicago Bull-shit. SMH

We might actually not make the playoffs.

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