Eastern Conference standings tighter than ever, if season ended today Celtics would miss playoffs

"I will remain stoic, but I find that news disappointing."
The NBA Eastern Conference has improved leaps and bounds over last season. The standings are insanely tight right now, and the top 10 teams all have between 11 and 13 wins. Cleveland has 13 wins, tops in the conference, but since they lost to Miami last night the Heat took over first place with a 12-6 record due to their higher winning percentage.

Maybe the outcome would have been different if LeBron played. Man that guy has a real sense for basketball theatre. What a competitor.

There really aren't many games you can take for granted in the East this season. Even though our Celtics have been somewhat inconsistent, I think they have been playing really well so far, especially when you consider how many new parts they have. The unfortunate reality however is that they have 1 less win than top seeded Miami, yet are somehow not only out of the playoff picture if the season ended today, but they are in 10th place.

The West has 4 games separating the 1st place Warriors and the 2nd place Spurs, more than the East does separating their 1st and 10th place teams. If you're thinking that is just because of an unprecedented 21-0 start by the Warriors, then also consider that there are 6 games between the Spurs and the 3rd place Thunder.

While the top of the West is still head and shoulders above the East, after that it gets a little murky. This may be the year that the East regains respectability. Hopefully it isn't at the expense of our Celtics missing the playoffs.

Photo Credit: NBA.com

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