Celtics had four 20-point scorers against the Kings, first time since 2008

The Celtics left Mexico City last night on a high after beating the Sacramento Kings 114-97. In a game marred by Rajon Rondo's third quarter ejection, C's fans may have missed out on one of the more eye-popping stats of the night. After flaunting their depth and versatility to anyone that would listen for the entire season, the C's showed how potent their offense can be when everything is working.

Boston had balanced scoring across the board, but was highlighted by four players with 20+ points on the game. Isaiah Thomas and Kelly Olynyk led the way with 21 points apiece, while Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder both added 20 points of their own. This is a feat that Celtics fans have not seen for quite a long time:

Making comparisons between the current Celtics team and the team that was a few months removed from winning the NBA title may be a stretch, but this should be encouraging. Ideally, this is the epitome of how the C's can play. I'm not saying that they can have four players with 20+ points every night, but I think that when the offense is clicking almost any of the regular players can step up and score.

Put it this way; we know what we are going to get from Thomas and Bradley on a pretty consistent basis now. The backcourt has stepped up in a big way and we can count on them for almost 40 points every night. I think that in any given game people like Jared Sullinger, Crowder, Olynyk and even Amir Johnson to some extent could add 15-20 points. It's not like we have to rely on Olynyk to shoot 9-12 every night, like he did against the Kings, in order to make this happen. We have a number of capable players that can step in and win a game for you.

And this is where the depth comes into play. Teams with superstars may not have to look to their depth as much because people like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant can win you games on their own. Without that cornerstone piece yet, this is the way that the Celtics need to win games. Accept what you get from Thomas and Bradley, play your suffocating style of defense and ride whatever hot hand you have that night.

Trust me guys, even Evan Turner will win you a game or two.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo
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